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Newest Additions

TotalGrow Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb is a 12 watt LED grow-light that screws into any standard socket. Perfect for any growing setup!
Looking for a natural fertilizer that is perfect for your indoor or outdoor garden You need to try Buried Treasure Liquid Guano today!
Save 15%
The Titan Hercules 3 is perfect to control any ac unit or dehumidifier you might have.
A new expansion of the Eye PowerVEG line. With four new lamp colors, each designed for a specific stage of your plants growth cycle, we guarantee impressive hobby quality results.
$89.77 - $213.77
Mammoth P is a brand new biological inoculant and we can't say enough good things about it! It's designed to maximize phosphorus and micronutrient cycling, making those healthy nutrients easier for your plants to absorb.
Roots Organics Seabird Guano is an excellent source of phosphate and calcium to encourage vigorous plant growth.
HydroDynamics Europonic Silicate is the strongest product on the market with 11% Silicon Dioxide, it’s proven to protect your plants from the hottest days of summer to the early frosts of fall.
Titan Controls Repeat Cycle Timer is a great solution for hydroponic system watering functions, especially ebb & flow and aeroponic systems.
EZ-Clone’s new 9 site cloning machine is perfect if you’re looking to introduce new growers to the benefits of aeroponic plant cloning.
EZ Clone Classic 128-site features a new leak proof design and an increase in structural integrity.
Save 26%
Papa’s Perfect Poop is one of our favorite new products! We know it will be an essential part of your supersoil mixture after the first try.
Down to Earth Oyster Shell is a perfect addition to any super soil blend. OMRI listed!
Down To Earth's Neem Seed Meal is another product you'll want in your super soil arsenal. It's even OMRI Listed!
$16.95 - $56.95
Down to Earth’s Kelp Meal is an OMRI listed product that is sure to be an essential ingredient for any super soil mixtures you maybe working on.
Save 14%
Down to Earth's Azomite is the perfect nutrient to add to compost, fertilizer, manure or super soil mixtures. OMRI Listed!
$33.95 - $294.95
Root Cleaner is ideal for soil and coco, and it can be used through your entire growing journey. It even works great at pest prevention!

Featured Products

$6.75 - $37.48
Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice Grow has been specially designed for use with all hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation, NFT, flood and drain and continuous liquid feed growing systems.
This 100% organic one-part plant nutrient that is fully water soluble. Iguana Juice Grow works well in hydroponics, aeroponics, soil and outdoor gardens!
Sulfur helps overcome common plant diseases by changing the pH on the surface of the plants.
The Sunleaves Stainless Steel Compost Can gives you an odor-free option for saving food scraps to put in the composter.
Titanium Curved Blade Pruners can take a real beating. They work great on houseplants, flowers, bonsai trees, vegetables, fruits and herbs.
Use Deciduous Mix for Japanese Maples, Hornbeams, Trident Maples, Beech and all other deciduous trees.
$49.95 - $244.95
Botanicare White Grow Trays work great for both ebb and flow systems and drip systems. They are created with heavy duty plastic and are BPA free.
Save 14%
The interior of the Sunleaves Cobra 8 is lined with a European aluminum insert that provides 95% reflectivity to make the most of the light produced by your lamp.
48 wide x 48 deep x 81 tall - The Secret Jardin Dark Room II Twin DR90T takes up only a 4 x 4 foot of floor space, yet takes care of your mother plant, clones, growing and flowering.
Age Old Humic Acid 12 liquid is 100% organic. Humic acid is used to reclaim soils damaged by chemicals.
The 1000-Watt Sunmaster Metal Halide Cool Deluxe conversion lamp operates in standard 600W HPS ballast and ignitor systems.
ONA odor neutralizer was originally developed for industrial applications to neutralize the strong odors in sewage treatment plants, rendering plants and chemical plants. If it can handle those conditions, think what it can do for you!
Cutting Edge Solutions Sonoma Gold Grow and Sonoma Gold Bloom are a two-part all-purpose fertilizer program formulated to supply the appropriate nitrogen levels as needed for your plants.
$32.39 - $341.99
House & Garden Algen Extract promotes vigorous vegetative growth as well as aiding plant nutrient uptake.
The Hanna Instruments Combo pH/ES/TDS/Temp Tester Spare Electrode can be replaced to renew function and accuracy for your Hanna Instruments Brand Tester.