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Newest Additions

$14.25 - $76.50
Botanicare KIND Bloom is a plant nutrient that has the perfect phosphorous-to-potassium ratio. Great for increasing biomass and promoting flower initiation.
$14.25 - $76.50
Botanicare Kind Grow is one of a three-part nutrient system from Bontanicare. Grow is ideal for plants in their vegetative period.
$14.25 - $76.50
Botanicare Kind Base is the part of the 3-part KIND nutrient system. Use KIND Base for plants that are in need of a calcium and nitrogen boost.
Mills Nutrients Ultimate PK is a powerful bloom booster for your plants. Apply it during the last portion of your plants bloom cycle to get a more abundant fruit set with great cell structure and amazing aromas.
$76.50 - $297.50
?Mills Nutrients C4 is a unique blend of nutrients, bio-stimulants, carbs, and minerals designed to make your blooms explode! Perfect for any growing medium.
$63.75 - $254.95
?Mills Nutrients Start-R is a unique bio-stimulant designed to help your plants develop strong roots fast. You will also notice an improvement in media structure and your plants nutrient uptake.
Mills Nutrients Basis A & B is a nutrient combo that is know for giving your garden big yields with very little effort.
Hydrotek King Wing Adjustable DE Reflector is a brand new double-ended reflector that is fully adjustable to help get rid of hot spots and shady edges in your garden!
Organic Nutrients Insect Frass is more than a plant food. It contains beneficial micro-organisms, nutrients and Chitin.
Philips Mastercolor LEC 315 Lamps don't work with normal ballasts and are designed to work with the Sun Systems LEC 315 and LEC 630
The Sun System LEC 630 120 volt comes with 3100 K lamps and gives you 1200 watts worth of HID lighting while only using 630 watts!
The Sun System LEC 315 Light Fixture features the innovative Light Emitting Ceramic technology that when combined with the included 4200 K bulb makes this the perfect solution plants in the vegetative growing stages.
Yield Master 8 Inch Air-Cooled Reflector is the perfect solution for lighting your indoor garden. It provides ideal output with its aluminum interior and features air cooling flanges.
Save 15%
ONA Block Apple Crumble is designed to be small enough to rid small enclosed areas for nasty smells. Perfect for lockers, cars, or even a trash can.
Save 16%
ONA Mist Apple Crumble is an odor eliminator that would great in small areas up to 6,000 sq feet! It doesn't cover up odors, it eliminates them leaving you with fresh smelling air!
Durable construction, thick reflective walls, large viewing windows, and the first height adjusting grow tent available in the industry.

Featured Products

Sandflex cleaning blocks have unlimited uses! Use them as a cleaning or polishing tool on nearly every hard surface. Speeds cleaning build up off ceramic and unglazed Bonsai pots.
The Sunleaves Lightwave CF Reflector features lightweight construction and proper light disbursement. Perfect for the indoor gardener on a budget! Need a bulb to go with your reflector Choose from 2 different VitaLUME bulbs!
Unique double ended constructions allows doe maximum optical efficiency and uniformity.
AN Root Boost Trio is a group of three biological inoculants for your plants. When you use Advanced Nutrients Piranha, Tarantula, and Voodoo Juice combined in addition to any nutrient feeding program, expect seriously increased root health.
$22.95 - $29.95
The Botanicare MULTI-RES Reservoir with Lid is designed for simplicity in maintenance and performance. They're heavy duty to give you years of use.
Derived from ground fish bone, Organically Done Fishbone Meal is an excellent source of phosphorous, calcium and trace minerals.
This heavy duty 5 ml (1 teaspoon) dropper is a great way to make precise measurements for your garden.
$134.95 - $384.95
The Powerbox Flipbox lets you double your growing power without the cost of a second ballast! Using only one ballast, the Flipbox will power two separate HID reflectors with lamps on alternating 12-hour shifts.
Litmus paper strips are an easy-to-use alternative to check nutrient solution when you do not have a pH tester on hand.
The Hydrofarm Compact Fluorescent Cord Set has a uniquely designed Mogul-size socket allows your to use your HID reflector as compact fluorescent light hood.
The Sun Sytem Blockbuster 6-inch Air-Cooled reflector has a square shape that perfectly covers a 4 x 4 foot growing area.
Melissa officianalis
Save 15%
The Secret Jardin Darkroom 2.5 has many upgrades from the previous model including higher light-proofing and a sturdier tube frame.
$7.95 - $19.95
Made in California, Cutting Edge Solutions has developed a 3-part hydroponic formula that is complete in all macro and micro nutrients! They are highly concentrated yet leave fewer salts on your growing medium.
$9.95 - $49.95
Organic food-grade foliar spray developed to increase the speed of plant fruiting and flowering.