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Newest Additions

The MovinCool Indoor/Outdoor Portable A/C Classic Plus 14 unit is the most convenient, easy-to-use grow room air conditioner on the market.
Need an air conditioner you can move anywhere From indoors to outdoors, the MovinCool portable Classic Plus 26 air conditioner is your answer.
?For an air conditioning unit that's compatible with both outdoor and indoor gardens, you can't beat the Classic 40 semi-portable indoor/outdoor model from MovinCool.
Keep your garden cool this year with the MovinCool Indoor/Outdoor Air Cooled Semi-Portable A/C Classic 60 unit.
The Ideal-Air Mega-Split Ceiling Mount Heat Pump is perfect for heating your grow room in the winter, cooling it in the summer, or just maintaining a steady temperature year-round.
$249.95 - $449.95
These mini split interconnecting wire packages are for the Ideal-Air Pro Series Ductless Heating and Cooling. Offered in two different lengths, 25 ft and 50ft,
If you've been looking for a mini split system to heat and cool your indoor grow room, the Ideal-Air Pro Series Ductless Heating and Cooling Mini Splits might just be the right option for you.
This wall bracket made specifically for ductless split systems offers a quick, simple way to get your system's condensing unit out of the clutter and up on the wall.
$9.50 - $38.95
Use Clonex Mist in conjunction with Clonex Rooting Compound to enhance vigorous healthy cuttings with robust root development and elongation of root hairs.
Whether you're an experienced gardener, or you're looking for an easy way to show your kids how to grow plants, the Jump Start Windowsill Heat Mat and Tray Kit is perfect for anyone!
$30.95 - $229.50
?If you're looking for at top-of-the-line-product to stimulate root growth in your crop or flowering plants this season, then look no further than Roots Excelurator Gold from House and Garden.
Not only does this product balance unstable pH levels, but it also contains the perfect combination of trace minerals, ensuring that nothing interferes with the nutrients in your reservoir.
$17.95 - $60.50
For a nutrient rich in organic nitrogen, you can't beat the Down to Earth Blood Meal. A certified organic product, this blood meal provides readily available nitrogen to any plant you've got growing.
Plants like evergreen trees, flowering shrubs, and berries often grow better in a low pH soil, making them a bit more difficult to cultivate than others.

Featured Products

The Sun System Magnum XXXL 8 inch Air-Cooled Reflector is the largest available!
$16.95 - $37.95
Two odors can offset one another when they combine to form a bond. ONA's ingredients come from a blend of 32 essential oils and plant-derived compounds, that bond with and neutralize a wide array of pesky odors.
Save 15%
The International Measure Mug is a rugged measuring glass that holds up to one pint.
Joshua Roth 4.5 mm anodized aluminum wire oxidizes to a lesser degree than copper, and is easier to conform to your preferred contour.
Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew contains Spinosad, a naturally occuring soil-dwelling bacterium that was collected on a Caribbean island from an abandoned rum distillery in 1982.
Mother Earth BioChar is carbonized material that increases the microbial life and fertility of your soil.
Save 14%
The interior of the Sunleaves Cobra 8 is lined with a European aluminum insert that provides 95% reflectivity to make the most of the light produced by your lamp.
Rainbow Mix Bloom is supplemented with beneficial Mycorrhizae for naturally enhanced root health and bloom or food development. Just work into the soil during the budding, flowering or fruiting stages. For outside plants, apply lightly in the Fall to help keep roots healthy throughout Winter.
The Cruise Temp CT-EC Cooling and Heating Thermostat has a gas filled coil for amazing reliability.
The most effective larvae killer we've found! For outdoor use, place Mosquito Dunks in ponds or standing water and it's active ingredient, BTI (Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israaelenses) kills mosquito, black fly and thrip larvae for 30 days or more, avoiding annoying mature insects.
$24.65 - $43.69
Panda Film is tough stuff! It's 5.5 mils thick and measures 10 foot wide. Comes in rolls of 10, 25, 50 and 100 foot.
$29.50 - $94.75
Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin is derived from Potassium Silicate to help strengthen plant cell walls. The stronger the cell walls, the sturdier the plant.
If you prefer coir fiber for your garden, you might consider trying Crop Circles coir fiber coco peat disks.
$16.95 - $76.50
Hesi Soil Bloom Complex ensures you will have a successful blooming cycle.Specifically designed for soil gardens it features minerals and organic nitrogen.
Save 14%
Using a Green Air Infrared CO2 Generator that you want to make air cooled For maximum heat dispersal use the Green Air Heat Removal System.
Round Jiffy Peat Pots decompose right into the soil, so there's no risk of root damage because you don't remove the plant from the peat pot.