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Newest Additions

Monitor the pH level in your garden quickly and accurately with the Sunleaves pH Essential Digital Pen. This pen is durable, water-resistant, and comes with everything you need to get started!
Save 15%
The Secret Jardin Darkroom 2.5 has many upgrades from the previous model including higher light-proofing and a sturdier tube frame.
Save 14%
Bountea’s Fungal Activator delivers beneficial fungus to your woody-stemmed plants through compost tea.
Save 14%
Bountea’s Bioactivator boosts beneficial bacteria and microorganisms to give your compost tea and extra boost.
Get DuraBreeze's Heavy Duty Flex Ducting to ensure your grow room is setup and properly ventilated the way you want!
Monterey B.t. is an organic insecticide that contains natural ingredients making it safe for people and pets.
The Hortilux Eye Ultra Ace conversion lamp is an HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lamp that operates on a Metal Halide (MH) system.
$316.95 - $358.95
The Eye Hortilux Super HPS grow lamps provide optimum spectral energy levels that promote vigorous plant growth.
$172.95 - $922.95
The Eye Hortilux Super Blue Lamp is one of the newst hybrid dual arc lamps on the market combining the workings of the 400W Hortilux Blue MH bulb with the 600W Hortilux Super HPS bulb.
Eye Hortilux Blue Horizontal MH Lamps allow you to have the same lamps used in professional industries right in your own indoor garden. This is closest thing you will get to natural sunlight indoors!
Digilux Metal Halide bulbs allow your plants to receive an increase of 25% more energy in the red and orange spectrums.
$69.95 - $399.95
Digilux HPS bulbs are known for their wide range color spectrum and efficiency. Improve the flowering and fruiting of your plants today!
$69.95 - $469.95
The universal watt Agrosun Red Super Sodium is German made and backed by Hydrofarm, so you know it's reliable.
The Agrosun Gold Metal Halide Horizontal bulbs are intended to be mounted horizontially. They provide 49% more red spectrum than ordinary MH bulbs.
Nutrilife's H2O2 solution will help increase oxygen levels in your water to help increase your plant's yield and overall growth.
Save 15%
Organic Bountea SuperStart brings the nutrients your plant needs to grow and thrive.

Featured Products

Save 46%
The Hydrotek Cool Star reflector has a 6-inch air-cooled cylinder for easy heat removal from the HID bulb.
Save 15%
The Hydro-Logic Small Boy Sediment Filter removes up to 90% of silt, rust, sand, and other particulate matter in your water supply.
The Joshua Roth 1169 Intermediate Concave Branch Cutter is an excellent choice for the intermediate enthusiast seeking a more economical Concave Cutter.
A great design for greenhouses, nurseries, or the serious plant cloner, the Modular Clone Machine uses Botanicare 2 x 4 propagation trays with lids to create each tray, which gives you 141 plant sites.
$12.50 - $71.95
Nectar for the Goods Olympus Up is a liquid lime pH booster that is also a terrific source of calcium for your garden.
A subtly humorous 160 page paperback how-to guide for garden composting...
Botanicare AquaShield Compost Solution helps seedlings and cuttings root faster and with a higher success rate by colonizing the root zone of the plant to form a barrier against harmful bacteria associated with Dampening Off and root rot.
Hesi brand nutrients have proven themselves in Holland, and now we offer them in the USA!
That Stuff Mighty Wash is a new revolutionary way to solve your spider mite problem during all stages of development from eggs to adults.
These beginner bonsai shears are ultra-light and have anti-slip plastic grips for easy handling.
You can use Safer 3-in-1 Garden Spray up to one day before harvest to kill insects, mites and fungi all at one time!
Save 16%
The ultimate additive addition to any grower's grow regime, containing all the GROW additives required to enhance any grower's garden.
The EC Dipstick is one of the easiest meters to use, providing the 4 most popular scales: EC, CF, 500:1ppm, and 700:1ppm!
Elemental Solutions 3/8” inner diameter O2 Reinforced Air Tubing is compatible with 8" air stones, air pumps, and air dividers with six or more outlets.
Save 18%
Mendocino Honey is an organic nutrient additive made from honey and Montmorillinite, a source of over 70 trace elements.
Save 16%
Roots Organics Uprising Foundation is a blend of natural and organic ingredients.