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Newest Additions

Hydrotek King Wing Adjustable DE Reflector is a brand new double-ended reflector that is fully adjustable to help get rid of hot spots and shady edges in your garden!
Organic Nutrients Insect Frass is more than a plant food. It contains beneficial micro-organisms, nutrients and Chitin.
Philips Mastercolor LEC 315 Lamps don't work with normal ballasts and are designed to work with the Sun Systems LEC 315 and LEC 630
The Sun System LEC 630 120 volt comes with 3100 K lamps and gives you 1200 watts worth of HID lighting while only using 630 watts!
The Sun System LEC 315 Light Fixture features the innovative Light Emitting Ceramic technology that when combined with the included 4200 K bulb makes this the perfect solution plants in the vegetative growing stages.
Yield Master 8 Inch Air-Cooled Reflector is the perfect solution for lighting your indoor garden. It provides ideal output with its aluminum interior and features air cooling flanges.
Save 15%
ONA Block Apple Crumble is designed to be small enough to rid small enclosed areas for nasty smells. Perfect for lockers, cars, or even a trash can.
Save 16%
ONA Mist Apple Crumble is an odor eliminator that would great in small areas up to 6,000 sq feet! It doesn't cover up odors, it eliminates them leaving you with fresh smelling air!
Durable construction, thick reflective walls, large viewing windows, and the first height adjusting grow tent available in the industry.
$12.95 - $37.95
Feed the microbial life in your growing environment with Cyco Kleanse. This additive also helps cleanse your growing environment from most unwanted micronutrients, cationic nutrients and metals.
$37.95 - $169.95
Cyco Supa Stiky is a unique additive that is designed to be added during your plants flowering cycle. It helps improve fruit and quality as well as resin production.
Save 15%
The Hydrofarm LED Growth Chamber is the prefect solution to help you move your gardening indoors! With its easy setup, 32 grow sites and full spectrum LED light, you're plants will be growing in no time!
Organic Sea Shells Blend Cosmos Seeds produce a wide range of colored flowers with pedals that look similar to sea shells.
Organic Crackerjack Marigold Seeds produce large pom-pom like flower ranging in a variety of yellow and orange colors. You also get the characteristic marigold fragrance that is a know pest deterrent.
Organic Galilee Blend Larkspur Seeds produce decorative flowers in a rainbow of colors. Typically these are used as a cut flower, dried or in the back of boarders.
Organic Lancer Parsnip Seeds produce roots that are uniformly long and creamy white. Expect a sweet, nutty flavor.

Featured Products

A Sunleaves Satellite Bloom fluorescent light is used during the budding and blooming phase of your indoor garden. You can hang this grow light either vertically and horizontally!
Made by Humboldt Nutrients, Humboldt Roots is a highly concentrated root stimulant that expands the root zone during the critical growth stage.
Save 15%
This sleek high-output fluorescent system from Sunleaves is not only a great value, its efficient to run.
Plant Success Soluble Mycorrhizae is a rich source of 13 strains of beneficial mycorrhizae fungi which are known to reduce transplant shock, fertilizer usage, and increase resistance to root disease.
Final Flush eliminates excess fertilizer salts in the final stages of growth and can also be used to correct over-feeding
Botanicare Growilla Bud is a premium plant food designed specifically to deliver the nutrients your plant needs to transition to harvest.
The Satsuki Hasami, with its long, narrow body, is a fine shear for trimming Bonsai buds, leaves and small branches. They allow you to reach deep into the foliage with minimum disturbance.
Great for plant cloning and seedlings, New Wave T5 fluorescents are a good fit over square or rectangular cloning machines. They provide high-intensity lighting without creating the heat associated with metal halide and sodium systems.
118.8 wide x 118.8 deep x 79.2 tall - This is the largest DarkRoom grow tent available! The DarkRoom DR300 is perfect for growing vegetables or larger flowering plants. It's roomy enough to accommodate four 4' x 4' plant trays. The DR300 can handle up to four 600W or 1000W HID light systems!
The electrode on a pH tester or monitor must be keep moist at all times to prevent damage to the tool.
The Hydrofarm Xtrasun 8 Air-Cooled Reflector is a cost effective HID reflector that is solidly built and has built-in 8-inch flanges.
The AzaMax Sprayer includes a packet of AzaMax concentrate to mix with water which gives you 16 ounces of ready-to-use regular strength pesticide.
The Hydro-Logic green carbon filter replacement is the same unit that ships with the Tall Boy and the Tall Blue systems.
Packed with the most up-to-date facts and figures on gardening indoors with CO2.
Air King offers a full line of fans, ranging from 6-inch to 18-inch, for circulating the air in your growroom. All four fans are UL listed.
Rejuvenate your soil and get it ready for planting by adding in minerals and increasing beneficial microorganisms with Excelerite!