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Newest Additions

Cuttings Edge Solutions Humtea Brewball is a multi-use nutrient that works great in hydroponics or soil applications.
$16.95 - $449.95
Looking for the best in spider mite control Look no further than Green Cleaner! It's one product we stand behind because we use it regularly!
Save 22%
The ARS Curved Scissors are a high quality pruning shear that you can sharpen over and over again so they last!
The Eye Hortilux PowerVEG is unique compared to any other T5 grow bulb. It has a perfect spectrum balance of UVA and UVB.
The Gavita Pro 1000e DE is a complete fixture that includes a Gavita Pro double ended blub. It's ready to plug in and used as soon as it arrives.
The new Gavita Pro 600/750e DE FLEX in completely new and improved. In comes with Gavita Pro double ended lamp and it's size makes it perfect for low ceiling situations.
The Gavita Pro 600e SE is a complete lighting fixture which means it comes with a lamp so all you have to do is plug in it and you are ready to go. Works great with Gavita Master Controllers!
The Gavita Digistar 1000e E-Series ballast is more efficient than other ballasts by being electronic and adjustable allowing for maximum lamp output.
The Gavita Digistar Ballasts 600e E-Series is on the cutting edge of growroom lighting technology. It features an ethernet connection to easily integrate with the Gavita Master Controllers.
SATCO T5 Fluorescent Blubs offer a cheap alternate when it comes to fluorescent bulbs with similar outputs to the other brands.
$249.95 - $322.95
Gavita Master Controllers allow you to use just a few buttons to have complete control over all of the connected ballasts in your grow room!
$104.95 - $108.95
Hydrofarm CO2 Injection Kit includes help you generate the ideal CO2 levels for large or small grow rooms. Produces 1500 PPM into your growing space.
Galaxy® Legacy® Electronic Ballast is one of the most versatile ballasts on the market today! Works with 600W, 750W and 1000W lamps!
This spigot is designed to allow for easy dispensing of your 5 and 10 liter sizes of Mills Nutrients.
$14.25 - $76.50
Botanicare KIND Bloom is a plant nutrient that has the perfect phosphorous-to-potassium ratio. Great for increasing biomass and promoting flower initiation.

Featured Products

Organic Tango Celery Seeds are an improved celery varietal that grow quicker and easier. Enjoy the big celery crunch and lush green tops.
$16.95 - $18.95
Need to split your garden's ventilation system into 2 duct runs?
$29.75 - $132.95
Encourage plant maturation and increase your plant's resistance to stress with the Cyco Swell.
$32.39 - $341.99
House & Garden Algen Extract promotes vigorous vegetative growth as well as aiding plant nutrient uptake.
$17.63 - $54.75
Humboldts Honey Organic Extra Strength is a nutrient that benefits your plants root systems. It help with proper growth, heath and even improves the plants digestion.
A good solution for tough insect infestations in your garden.
The Powerbox DPC-12000 is a versatile 240-volt lighting controller that can effortlessly run up to ten 240-volt, 1,000 watt grow light systems simultaneously, plus you have five 120-volt outlets for auxillary equipment.
Wet Betty Organic is a completely organic surfactant. This non-ionic product contains only the highest quality ingredients.
$2.95 - $3.95
A flexible poly-vinyl tubing for hydroponics gardening, Blue Tubing comes in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.
The Hydrofarm Jump Start windowsill heat mat is perfect for germinating seeds or growing small plants next to your windows.
Save 18%
Sunleaves Pioneer Jr. fluorescent light fixtures can hang vertically or horizontally. They have built-in plugs that let you link multiple light fixtures together for increased coverage as your plants grow!
$37.95 - $119.95
Dark Energy by American Hydroponics is a powerful nutrient additive that will increase the yields of your plants and bring them to harvest sooner.
$29.95 - $189.95
Floralicious Plus contains the organic building blocks of life. It enhances metabolic growth and essential oil production, promotes flower development, stimulates fruit swelling and encourages beneficial microbial activity in the root zone.
The 100 mL Graduated Cylinders are imprinted with raised numerals for easy reading.
$199.95 - $224.95
Attacks and neutralizes odors at the source! The Uvonair Ultra Violet Ozonators cost less to operate than a 100 watt light bulb and plug into standard 120 volt outlets.
Because the Nectar for the Gods line of nutrients works so well if you use all of the parts, we decided to offer an extra discount for anyone interested in picking up the entire line in one bulk order.