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Newest Additions

Save 14%
Bountea’s Bioactivator boosts beneficial bacteria and microorganisms to give your compost tea and extra boost.
Get DuraBreeze's Heavy Duty Flex Ducting to ensure your grow room is setup and properly ventilated the way you want!
Monterey B.t. is an organic insecticide that contains natural ingredients making it safe for people and pets.
The Hortilux Eye Ultra Ace conversion lamp is an HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lamp that operates on a Metal Halide (MH) system.
$316.95 - $358.95
The Eye Hortilux Super HPS grow lamps provide optimum spectral energy levels that promote vigorous plant growth.
$172.95 - $922.95
The Eye Hortilux Super Blue Lamp is one of the newst hybrid dual arc lamps on the market combining the workings of the 400W Hortilux Blue MH bulb with the 600W Hortilux Super HPS bulb.
Eye Hortilux Blue Horizontal MH Lamps allow you to have the same lamps used in professional industries right in your own indoor garden. This is closest thing you will get to natural sunlight indoors!
Digilux Metal Halide bulbs allow your plants to receive an increase of 25% more energy in the red and orange spectrums.
$69.95 - $399.95
Digilux HPS bulbs are known for their wide range color spectrum and efficiency. Improve the flowering and fruiting of your plants today!
$69.95 - $469.95
The universal watt Agrosun Red Super Sodium is German made and backed by Hydrofarm, so you know it's reliable.
The Agrosun Gold Metal Halide Horizontal bulbs are intended to be mounted horizontially. They provide 49% more red spectrum than ordinary MH bulbs.
Nutrilife's H2O2 solution will help increase oxygen levels in your water to help increase your plant's yield and overall growth.
Save 15%
Organic Bountea SuperStart brings the nutrients your plant needs to grow and thrive.
Everything you need to keep your pH probe clean and maintain accurate readings with the BlueLab Probe Care Kit!
The Blueprint CO2 Generator will generate all the CO2 your plants need to thrive. You can even adjust the output for smaller grow rooms.
Get a replacement burner for your Titan Controls Ares Series NG CO2 Generator.

Featured Products

Sandflex cleaning blocks have unlimited uses! Use them as a cleaning or polishing tool on nearly every hard surface. Speeds cleaning build up off ceramic and unglazed Bonsai pots.
Made for fast growing plants, CANNA Substra Flores A and B is a two-part nutrient that contains all the ingredients your plants need during the flowering stage.
The handy Sunleaves Plant Twist Tie with Cutter dispenser is a must-have for any gardener.
The Sunmaster Metal Halide Blue Ice Lamps operate on any appropriate wattage metal halide or two-way HID system.
The EconoWing is a manufactured with 95% reflective textured aluminum to provide maximum light diffusion. It has heavy duty galvanized steel mounting bracket and chrome V hooks for hanging.
$10.99 - $12.69
A-OK Starter Plugs are designed for starting seeds and plant clones. They come in a sheet that fits any standard 10" x 20" flat.
High quality dry soluble plant supplement that contains 20% ammonical nitrogen to help tweak your nutrients to your own taste.
The Hydrofarm Daystar AC reflector is a great choice for small, tight enclosures. It has a built-in socket and 15-foot lamp cord for fast, easy installation.
Kessil H150 Gooseneck is a stationary mounting arm to be used with Kessil H150 LED lights.
The Active Air Portable Air Conditioner is a good solution for indoor gardeners who need to cool a grow room between 62 and 95 degrees (up to 100 square feet with ceiling height of 8 feet).
The General Hydroponics pH Test Kit measures the pH level of your hydroponics nutrient solution.
Ingenius design for a spray bottle! The Mondi Mist N' Spray has a flexible gooseneck at the nozzle to give you unlimited aiming options. Bend it up, down, sideways or any other way...
Maxicrop Soluble Seaweed Powder stimulates beneficial soil microbe activity which helps improve your garden's natural resistance to stress. It also extends the root system to give your plants greater access to nutrients and water in the soil for improved long term health.
Power Cloner 165 plant cloning package includes high output fluorescent light, cloning gel and solution.
Save 25%
Hesi brand nutrients have proven themselves in Holland, and now we offer them in the USA!