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Newest Additions

$29.95 - $57.00
Get the right amount of CO2 when and where you need it with the Exhale 365 CO2 bags. These bags release CO2 for up to 9 months!
$30.50 - $109.95
SLF-100 is a unique enzyme product that keeps hydroponics systems running smoothly by not allowing any 'gunk' to build up in the system. It also works particularly great in clone machines and aeroponics systems!
$34.99 - $324.99
GrowSwitch Full On is an exciting new, organic supplement that reduces the NPK requirements your plants need saving you money and reducing environmental impact!
Save 15%
The Sun System Digital 250/400 allows you to easily switch between watts with the simple flip of a switch! This is perfect for changing weather.
Cuttings Edge Solutions Humtea Brewball is a multi-use nutrient that works great in hydroponics or soil applications.
$16.95 - $449.95
Looking for the best in spider mite control Look no further than Green Cleaner! It's one product we stand behind because we use it regularly!
Save 22%
The ARS Curved Scissors are a high quality pruning shear that you can sharpen over and over again so they last!
The Eye Hortilux PowerVEG is unique compared to any other T5 grow bulb. It has a perfect spectrum balance of UVA and UVB.
The Gavita Pro 1000e DE is a complete fixture that includes a Gavita Pro double ended blub. It's ready to plug in and used as soon as it arrives.
The new Gavita Pro 600/750e DE FLEX in completely new and improved. In comes with Gavita Pro double ended lamp and it's size makes it perfect for low ceiling situations.
The Gavita Pro 600e SE is a complete lighting fixture which means it comes with a lamp so all you have to do is plug in it and you are ready to go. Works great with Gavita Master Controllers!
The Gavita Digistar 1000e E-Series ballast is more efficient than other ballasts by being electronic and adjustable allowing for maximum lamp output.
The Gavita Digistar Ballasts 600e E-Series is on the cutting edge of growroom lighting technology. It features an ethernet connection to easily integrate with the Gavita Master Controllers.
SATCO T5 Fluorescent Blubs offer a cheap alternate when it comes to fluorescent bulbs with similar outputs to the other brands.
Gavita Master Controllers allow you to use just a few buttons to have complete control over all of the connected ballasts in your grow room!

Featured Products

$15.25 - $38.25
Botanicare Fulvex increases the nutrients available to your plants while cutting down on the time it takes for seed germination. It's a win-win!
The Sun System Silver Sun HID reflector is a good fit for a square shaped garden.
The FoxFarm Soluble Tri-Pak includes everything to supercharge the flower potential in any garden!
The easiest way to get started with indoor hydroponics gardening, ideal for kitchens as it fits under most kitchen cabinets with 7 pod capacity.
$15.95 - $27.95
Neptune's Harvest Crab Shell is an excellent organic source of nitrogen, phosphorous, calcium (23%), and magnesium (1.33%). The high calcium content and slow release nitrogen and phosphorous makes this a good fertilizer when planting bulbs in spring and fall. A safe, natural slow-release fertilizer, Crab Shell also helps with nematode and fungus problems.
Velcro® Plant Ties are a great solution to training vines or supporting taller plants. Not only are they strong, they're adjustable.
The Titan Controls Helios 3 light controller runs four (4) 240-Volt ballasts for a maximum 4000 watts of HID lighting over your garden. It works with magnetic or digital ballasts. Universal multi-tap outlets allow total flexibility to accept either 120V or 240V cordsets.
Foliage-Pro 9-3-6 Plant Food, from Dyna-Gro is a tropical foliage nutrient that has the recommended N-P-K ratio for strong, vigorous plant leaf production.
$16.95 - $109.95
B’Cuzz Blossom Builder increases the essential oil production of your plants increasing their size, scent, and flavor when the bloom.
Light Warrior Agro-Ponic is our preferred organic growing medium when germinating seeds or transplanting.
$10.95 - $24.95
Earth Juice Grow and Earth Juice Bloom are 100% organic nutrients. Their non-burning formulas stimulate vigorous growth, and provide abundant yields, while improving the soil.
The Giant Square Pot holds 4 gallons of growing medium (18 liters) and is large enough to grow tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and other vegetable plants to maturity.
Growstones are earth friendly, with 97% of their content consisting of recycled glass products. Even the bag is made from recyclable paper.
The Sunleaves Digital 4-Way Soil Meter is a great tool for outdoor gardeners or indoor gardeners growing plants potted in soil.
Save 18%
Gamma Seal Bucket Lids are solution for your extra buckets. You can add to a 3.5 or 5 gallon bucket to make them a completely sealed and waterproof storage solution for your grow room!