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Newest Additions

?If you need a tough controller that can handle any kind of lighting system you throw at it, the Titan Controls® Spartan Series® 4 & 8 Light 240V Controllers are the right choice for you.
When you’re in the garden, function is everything. You might be out there all day, and with all of the harsh lights helping your plants to grow, it’s important to have proper eyewear.
If you’re looking for a user-friendly, high capacity digital lighting controller with dual-zone control, then the Autopilot PX1 Digital Lighting Controller is the option for you.
The Phantom Commercial DE Open Lighting System with USB Interface is your newest, and best lighting solution.
TotalGrow Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb is a 12 watt LED grow-light that screws into any standard socket. Perfect for any growing setup!
Looking for a natural fertilizer that is perfect for your indoor or outdoor garden You need to try Buried Treasure Liquid Guano today!
Save 15%
The Titan Hercules 3 is perfect to control any ac unit or dehumidifier you might have.
A new expansion of the Eye PowerVEG line. With four new lamp colors, each designed for a specific stage of your plants growth cycle, we guarantee impressive hobby quality results.
$89.77 - $213.77
Mammoth P is a brand new biological inoculant and we can't say enough good things about it! It's designed to maximize phosphorus and micronutrient cycling, making those healthy nutrients easier for your plants to absorb.
Roots Organics Seabird Guano is an excellent source of phosphate and calcium to encourage vigorous plant growth.
HydroDynamics Europonic Silicate is the strongest product on the market with 11% Silicon Dioxide, it’s proven to protect your plants from the hottest days of summer to the early frosts of fall.
Titan Controls Repeat Cycle Timer is a great solution for hydroponic system watering functions, especially ebb & flow and aeroponic systems.
EZ-Clone’s new 9 site cloning machine is perfect if you’re looking to introduce new growers to the benefits of aeroponic plant cloning.
EZ Clone Classic 128-site features a new leak proof design and an increase in structural integrity.
Save 26%
Papa’s Perfect Poop is one of our favorite new products! We know it will be an essential part of your supersoil mixture after the first try.

Featured Products

$8.50 - $48.45
A High Caliper Growing Smart Pot® is a soft-sided fabric aeration container that air root prunes your plants. Air root pruing promotes a healthy fibrous root ball with more root tips. More root tips equal quicker growth!
KoolBloom Dry Ripening Formula is a highly concentrated dry nutrient supplement that promotes lavish flowering and encourages ripening in annual flowers and herbs.
$169.95 - $224.95
Can-Fans are constructed with a heavy-duty powder coated steel housing and include a grounded power cord.
$26.95 - $249.95
GrowSwitch Full On is an exciting new, organic supplement that reduces the NPK requirements your plants need saving you money and reducing environmental impact!
$22.95 - $104.95
SuperNova is more than just a seaweed extract! It is a unique blend of seaweed extract (derived from the sea plant Ascophyllum nodosum), specialized amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamin C and B vitamin complex. This enhanced seaweed bio-blend will improve the growth performance of any plant and can be used during any portion of the growing stage.
Save 20%
The tankless Hydro-Logic Evolution RO1000 provides 1000 gallons per day flow rate at 60 PSI. That equates to 42 gallons per hour!
$38.65 - $129.74
Iguana Juice Grow encourages fast growth, strong branching, large healthy root systems and short internode length that arranges for an outstanding flowering cycle.
Bonsai Cut Paste White Cap is a traditional dressing to seal tree wounds against insects, disease, and weather to speed healing, and minimize the shock of wounds when styling Bonsai or repairing branches.
$29.95 - $138.95
Pura Vida Organics Bloom is suitable for use in hydroponic, soil, and soilless based gardening mediums. Technaflora's processing ensures no irrigation line clogging when used hydroponically.
$17.95 - $119.95
Nectar for the Gods Zeus Juice acts as a catalyst to increase the metabolic rate in your plants to help accelerate growth.
Big Bud Bloom Booster Powder contains all of the amino acids that are the essential foundation for plant metabolism and flower growth. It also has ascorbic acid to stimulate the metabolic processes in your plants.
24 wide x 24 deep x 55.2 tall - Use the DarkRoom DR60 for holding a mother plant or growing a small number of plants. A 2' x 2' plant tray fits perfectly. Ideal for either a 2-foot T-5 Fluorescent or a 250W to 400W HID light system.
For best gardening results you need to be accurate with the measurement of plant nutrients.
Save 15%
The Sunleaves Sunspot 10 air-cooled reflector features a hinged lens enclosure that provides a completely airtight seal, plus the socket mounting bracket is designed to maximize airflow through the 10-inch flanges.