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Newest Additions

Introducing the brand new 1000 Watt Double Ended HPS grow lamp from Hortilux: a top-of the line product featuring the exclusive Eye Hortilux spectrum.
Save 16%
The MEGA LED Growlight from NextLight is a high intensity, full spectrum light guaranteed to replace any DE 1000w HPS on the market with a better energy efficiency rating and a larger footprint.
Save 16%
The NextLight VEG8 Growlight is an energy efficient replacement light that performs just as good if not better than your existing fluoresent 8 tube T5.
Save 16%
The Nextlight Mini LED Growlight is a small bulb that runs on just 150w, the Mini is a powerful LED Growlight that sports the full, highly-acclaimed NextLight full spectrum.
To harvest your biggest yield yet, you're going to need plant stalks that can handle your heavy blooms and fruits. While your base nutrient series provides basic supplements necessary for strong stalk growth, Sturdy Stalk, a potassium silicate supplement from Emerald Harvest, gives your plants the extra boost they need to grow strong enough to withstand stressors from the environment and elsewhere.
$14.25 - $43.95
Introducing Emerald Harvest's Cal-Mag, a top of the line calcium and magnesium supplement perfect for perking your plants back up to a lush green state.
$29.95 - $109.95
Emerald Harvest's King Kola is a revolutionary bloom boosting supplement that leads the hydroponic industry by adding hemp seed flower for additional nutrients essential to your plants' bloom.
For plants with fragrant, sticky buds and all kinds of trichomes, look no further than Emerald Harvest's Honey Chome. A top-of-the-line aroma and resin enricher, Honey Chome combines the best natural ingredients to ensure your plants smell and taste great.
For a hydroponic garden full of high-yield plants, you'll need an effective and comprehensive nutrient supplement. Emerald Harvest's Emerald Goddess does just that.
Unleash the genetic potential of your next harvest with Cali Pro Bloom A and B by cultivating a robust, fragrant garden full of the largest flowers.
If you're looking for stronger stalks and stems that can support the robust harvest you're looking for, then Emerald Harvest's Cali Pro Grow A and B is what you're looking for.
$12.75 - $29.95
Emerald Harvest Micro makes sure your plants get all the right micronutrients, in addition to a balanced diet of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium.
$10.95 - $24.95
If you're looking for bigger, better flowers that increase your overall yield this season, then make sure to add Emerald Harvest Bloom to your base nutrient system.
$10.25 - $24.95
Emerald Harvest Grow is the first in this three step nutrient system specially created to help accelerate your plants growth.
Save 15%
Organic Bountea Humisoil is the perfect super soil blend for indoor or outdoor applications. It's organic certification makes it gentle on all plants!

Featured Products

The Eye Hortilux PowerVEG is unique compared to any other T5 grow bulb. It has a perfect spectrum balance of UVA and UVB.
Budswel organic fertilizer boosts production in fruit trees and fruit-bearing vines like watermelon, cantaloupe, squash and grapes. Excellent for roses, irises or any other ornamental flowering plants.
$25.95 - $79.95
There is no other flowering supplement like Pure Flowers. It's got Phosphite Technology which Higrocorp invented. The unique molecular structure of a phosphite is easily absorbed through the roots and leaves ensuring the crop instantly uptakes potassium and phosphorus.
Bring bright yellow color to any dish with these Organic Yellowstone Carrots.
The replacement Hydro-Logic KDF85 Catalytic Carbon Filter for the Pre-Evolution Pre-Filter reduces chlorine and chloramines.
A good solution for small hydroponics system. Also an economical way to test the Supernatural nutrient line.
Minimize the attention needed to grow healthy plants by using an Easy2Grow Kit with Reservoir, and 2 pots. This self-watering planter provides the right amount of water or nutrient solution to plant roots in a natural wet/dry cycle.
Doktor Doom Spider Mite Knockout is a powerful spray that can be used indoors or out. It's safe to apply on food crops, such as tomatoes and other vegetables, up to one day before harvest.
FoxFarm Happy Frog All Purpose is a slow-release organic fertilizer that works great for just about every plant.
Sun Blaster T5 HO fluorescent fixture and NanoTech Reflector is a winning pair! This combo kit will help increase lumens by up to 300%!
$17.95 - $121.95
Botanicare Sweet™ carbohydrate synthesizer is scientifically formulated for the bio-synthesis of crucial compounds to maintain optimal metabolism. An ideal formula for vegetables, fruits and flowers.
With the Sunleaves Hygro-Thermometer, keeping tabs on your indoor garden has never been easier.
These sturdy square mesh pots support your plants in the ebb and flow hydroponics tray.
Humboldt Nutrients Structural Integrity (S.I.) is a silicate supplement designed for use with hydroponics systems but can be used with soil.
$2.99 - $3.29
Barbed connectors and valves are an efficient way to arrange hydroponic irrigation lines.
Save 15%
The General Hydroponics Standard Controller is perfect for a interconnected series of Waterfarm Modules. This will allow you to send the proper amount of nutrients to your plants no matter what rates their growing at.