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Newest Additions

$6.75 - $16.95
Looking for the perfect, plump, juicy tomato Well Tomato-tone organic fertilizer from the folks at Espoma can help you produce it!
From the folks at Espoma comes a superior enriched potassium source—Espoma Potash.
Chapin's new and improved, heavy-duty, commercial quality- Premier Pro Extended Performance Poly Sprayer has a 1 gallon capacity.
To harvest the ideal yield you're looking for this year, your plants need extensive root systems to support bigger, healthier, and more vital plants.
$11.95 - $44.95
?Foliar feed your flowers, fruit or veggies with Spray-N-Grow and you'll see amazing results! Spray-N-Grow is a micronutrient complex, cultured in a water base, that acts as a biocatalyst.
$21.95 - $69.95
?Microbe Life Nourish-L is a unique, water soluble, liquid humate derived from highly decomposed organic humus deposits. It contains a combination of naturally occurring microorganisms that help to maintain both appearance as well as the vigor of vegetables and plants.
?Microbe Life Foliar Spray and Root Dip contains Ecto and Endo Mycorrhizal Fungi that live on the roots of your plants to form a healthy symbiotic relationship.
$9.95 - $21.95
?Espoma Organic Traditions Rock Phosphate is a 100% natural source of phosphorus. Plants require this nutrient for healthy root development and for fruit and flower production.
$7.95 - $27.95
Espoma Organic Traditions Bone Meal is an all natural source of organic phosphorous and nitrogen.
$8.95 - $37.95
Espoma Organic Traditions Dried Blood is a safe source of organic nitrogen.
Simply put, Selectrocide is the absolute best all-purpose disinfectant on the market today for growers of any kind.
If your plants are entering into the early flowering stage of growth, and you want to do everything you can to ensure you get the massive yield you always wanted, it's time for State of Emergency.
Converge Horticulture, a calcium silicate based media amendment and media conditioner is exactly what sustainable nursery and horticulture growers need to rebalance soilless substrates.
NuHumic WDG from Hurricane Hydroponics is the ultimate humic acid supplement on the market today.
?If you're looking for a quality supplement that's guaranteed to give you stronger, more resilient plants, then Storm Surge Silica from Hurricane Hydroponics is the supplement you want.
If you're concerned your flowering or mature plants are suffering a nutrient deficiency, a supplement like Hurricane Cal-Mag might just be the solution you need.

Featured Products

Calibration Solution allows you to calibrate your meter in moments.
The Spectralux Green Fluorescent tubes are designed for growing your plants during the vegetative (growth) stage.
Unobtrusive trays that are designed with diagonal drainage grids to direct excess water out of the trays.
$24.50 - $135.50
Botanicare Sweet™ carbohydrate synthesizer is scientifically formulated for the bio-synthesis of crucial compounds to maintain optimal metabolism. An ideal formula for vegetables, fruits and flowers.
$42.50 - $84.95
Ionic nutrients are formulated specifically for hydroponic cultivation. They are complete hydroponic nutrients containing all essential trace elements necessary for fruit and flowering. This family of hydroponics nutrients include Ionic Grow, Ionic Bloom and Ionic Boost, plus hardwater formulas for those who need them.
Made for fast growing plants, CANNA Substra Flores A and B is a two-part nutrient that contains all the ingredients your plants need during the flowering stage.
Save 18%
Technaflora's Recipe for Success provides a simple way to grow a thriving hydroponics garden! Comes sealed in a rectangular cardboard briefcase style package with a convenient carrying handle.
$38.95 - $144.50
House & Garden Multi Zen is a concentrated growth additive whose unique formulation helps to thicken stalks resulting in stronger, more vigorous plants.
Dutch Master Gold Range Replicator has been carefully designed with a blend of natural extracts from Coleptiles of wheat and Zea Mays that draw out air bubbles from a cutting in order to restore the vital water flow necessary for successful plant propagation.
The Super-Spreader gives you advanced reflective technology to produce a truly super light spreader!
4 x 4 Active Aqua flood tables are more sturdy than most others. They are made from durable black high-impact ABS plastic with UV resistance for long life.
$15.50 - $42.50
Created by Aurora Innovations, Buddha Bloom is made of extracted, condensed ingredients to give you a quality liquid fertilizer that encourages optimum blooming in your plants
Sunlight Supply designed the Sun System® HPS 150 as a complete grow light system, making it ideal for new indoor gardeners.
$54.95 - $84.95
Hurricane Axial Fans are the small, quiet, effective solution to move air through your grow room. They come in a variety of sizes to best fit your needs!