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Newest Additions

$104.95 - $108.95
Hydrofarm CO2 Injection Kit includes help you generate the ideal CO2 levels for large or small grow rooms. Produces 1500 PPM into your growing space.
Galaxy® Legacy® Electronic Ballast is one of the most versatile ballasts on the market today! Works with 600W, 750W and 1000W lamps!
This spigot is designed to allow for easy dispensing of your 5 and 10 liter sizes of Mills Nutrients.
$14.25 - $76.50
Botanicare KIND Bloom is a plant nutrient that has the perfect phosphorous-to-potassium ratio. Great for increasing biomass and promoting flower initiation.
$14.25 - $76.50
Botanicare Kind Grow is one of a three-part nutrient system from Bontanicare. Grow is ideal for plants in their vegetative period.
$14.25 - $76.50
Botanicare Kind Base is the part of the 3-part KIND nutrient system. Use KIND Base for plants that are in need of a calcium and nitrogen boost.
Mills Nutrients Ultimate PK is a powerful bloom booster for your plants. Apply it during the last portion of your plants bloom cycle to get a more abundant fruit set with great cell structure and amazing aromas.
$76.50 - $297.50
Mills Nutrients C4 is a unique blend of nutrients, bio-stimulants, carbs, and minerals designed to make your blooms explode! Perfect for any growing medium.
$63.75 - $254.95
Mills Nutrients Start-R is a unique bio-stimulant designed to help your plants develop strong roots fast. You will also notice an improvement in media structure and your plants nutrient uptake.
Mills Nutrients Basis A & B is a nutrient combo that is know for giving your garden big yields with very little effort.
Hydrotek King Wing Adjustable DE Reflector is a brand new double-ended reflector that is fully adjustable to help get rid of hot spots and shady edges in your garden!
Organic Nutrients Insect Frass is more than a plant food. It contains beneficial micro-organisms, nutrients and Chitin.
Philips Mastercolor LEC 315 Lamps don't work with normal ballasts and are designed to work with the Sun Systems LEC 315 and LEC 630
The Sun System LEC 630 120 volt comes with 3100 K lamps and gives you 1200 watts worth of HID lighting while only using 630 watts!
The Sun System LEC 315 Light Fixture features the innovative Light Emitting Ceramic technology that when combined with the included 4200 K bulb makes this the perfect solution plants in the vegetative growing stages.
Yield Master 8 Inch Air-Cooled Reflector is the perfect solution for lighting your indoor garden. It provides ideal output with its aluminum interior and features air cooling flanges.

Featured Products

The Sun System Magnum XXXL 8 inch Air-Cooled Reflector is the largest available!
Save 16%
This sleek high-output fluorescent system from Sunleaves is not only a great value, its efficient to run.
Supernatural Brand Ultimate Thrive is a pure blend of vitamins, minerals, plant nutrients and natural growth hormones that work together to increase the overall health and size of your plant, resulting in maximum yield.
Ashinaga shears are an all-purpose Bonsai tool used for removing buds, leaves and small branches.
2 x 4 Active Aqua flood tables are more sturdy than most others. They are made from durable black high-impact ABS plastic with UV resistance for long life.
Photosynthesis Plus is a complete ecosystem in a bottle. It enhances plant functions at the foliar level and the root zone in both soil and soilless substrates.
Pure Blend Pro, by Botanicare, is a one part, stand alone plant food. The Pure Blend Pro trio includes hydro-organic vegetative formula, fruit and flower formula and bloom soil formula. Each is a specialty custom blend of organic and natural sources of the essential major, secondary, and trace minerals in 100% soluble form - from the land and the sea.
A good solution for tough insect infestations in your garden.
Fiskars Comfort Grip Floral Snips feature a Cut-N-Hold™ blade that holds on to the stem once you have cut it!
Turn your existing Adjust-A-Wing Large Reflector into a double ended reflector.
FoxFarm Happy Frog All Purpose is a slow-release organic fertilizer that works great for just about every plant.
Feed all your family and friends with this productive eight-plant top-feed drip hydroponics system!
Use Bond Natural Bamboo Stakes to support climbing plants such as beans and peas, or to help prop up tomatoes, eggplants or ornamentals.
Sulfur helps overcome common plant diseases by changing the pH on the surface of the plants.
The Utopian Systems Portable Dehumidifier is the ideal solution to manage your indoor humility. Choose a size that accommodates your need best!