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Newest Additions

Simply put, Selectrocide is the absolute best all-purpose disinfectant on the market today for growers of any kind.
If your plants are entering into the early flowering stage of growth, and you want to do everything you can to ensure you get the massive yield you always wanted, it's time for State of Emergency.
Converge Horticulture, a calcium silicate based media amendment and media conditioner is exactly what sustainable nursery and horticulture growers need to rebalance soilless substrates.
NuHumic WDG from Hurricane Hydroponics is the ultimate humic acid supplement on the market today.
?If you're looking for a quality supplement that's guaranteed to give you stronger, more resilient plants, then Storm Surge Silica from Hurricane Hydroponics is the supplement you want.
If you're concerned your flowering or mature plants are suffering a nutrient deficiency, a supplement like Hurricane Cal-Mag might just be the solution you need.
Storm Cell, from Hurricane Hydroponics, is that product. A 1-part nutritional concentrate for seedlings and cuttings grown in soilless media like coco coir, rockwool cubes and plugs, vermiculite, pearlite, and any other sort of inert mix.
An all-purpose product, White Squall is considered a multi-functional oxidizing water treatment, which means it can handle anything from mineral deposits to algae to fungi to biofilm.
Hurricane Flower is a high-quality 3-Part Flowering Concentrate System that's designed for use with any plant in any type of hydroponic systems.
Hurricane Flower part III, features a 1-8-5 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, ensuring each of the essential macronutrients is represented, but guaranteeing your plants get the most of what they truly need for flowering.
his specific part of the Hurricane Flower system, Hurricane Flower part II, contains a 4-0-4 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.
Hurricane Flower Part I is the first part of the Hurricane Flower 3-part flowering concentrate system designed for any plant in any type of hydroponic system.
If you're looking for a quality base fertilizer to boost your plants through their vegetative growth cycle, then the Tropical Storm 3-Part Vegetative Growth System is exactly what you need.
Tropical Storm Part III includes a variety of micronutrients in trace amounts, as well as aminoN L-amino acids, all of which help stimulate growth throughout the vegetative state, and help your plants produce as much as possible, using as little energy as possible.
Veg II regulates protein synthesis and is an important part of cell division and the creation of new tissue. The nitrogen in this product is kept very high, as all plants require a great deal of it to create and form chlorophyll, both structural and non-structural proteins, and essential amino acids.
If you've been looking for a comprehensive feeding regimen for your plants' vegetative state, the Tropical Storm 3-part Vegetative Growth System is a quality option that's easily customized to fit any nutrient or supplement you're already using.

Featured Products

Safer Brand RTU Garden Fungicide is specially formulated with sulfur which inhibits the attack of fungal diseases.
Roots Organics Natural & Organic is a quality ready-to-use coco fiber-based potting soil.
The House & Garden Pour Spout makes dispensing your nutrients from 5-liter and 10-liter containers easy.
The Light Rail 5 Commercial Light Mover is designed with the commercial grower or serious home hobbyist in mind. Made by Gualala Robotics, the Light Rail 5 is clearly heavy-duty, handling 90+ pounds of grow light equipment!
The MiniGen Water Cooled CO2 Generator is a compact LP-driven CO2 generator designed for use within enclosed growing areas 10-foot square or smaller.
$309.95 - $459.95
Air Box Stealth High Flow Charcoal Filters (previously Airtech Carbon) are powerful air filtering systems that use 100 percent premium virgin coconut charcoal to destroy odors in their tracks!
Ideal for transplanting seedlings and repotting container plantings. Happy Frog Jump Start Organic Fertilizer is a gentle blend that includes phosphorus for healthy root development and calcium which helps buffer acidic soils while increasing a plant's ability to fight off disease.
Save 16%
Easily brew rich, highly beneficial tea brew at home! The result will promote root and overall plant growth.
If you want more control over the light direction from your SunBlaster T5 fluorescent light, the NanoTech T5 Reflector is your solution.
The Super Sprouter 2 Tray Heating Mat allows for your propagation trays to be properly heated end to end!
A good solution for small hydroponics system. Also an economical way to test the Supernatural nutrient line.
$17.95 - $156.95
Cultured Solutions UC Roots is a multi-purpose root zone optimizer that aids in mineral descaling and removal of potentially harmful biofilms in hydroponics nutrient reservoirs.
Titanium Curved Blade Pruners can take a real beating. They work great on houseplants, flowers, bonsai trees, vegetables, fruits and herbs.
Advanced pH Perfect bloom will give you the healthiest plants around. You will get the most of your money with this concentrated blend.