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Newest Additions

The Eye Hortilux PowerVEG is unique compared to any other T5 grow bulb. It has a perfect spectrum balance of UVA and UVB.
The Gavita Pro 1000e DE is a complete fixture that includes a Gavita Pro double ended blub. It's ready to plug in and used as soon as it arrives.
The new Gavita Pro 600/750e DE FLEX in completely new and improved. In comes with Gavita Pro double ended lamp and it's size makes it perfect for low ceiling situations.
The Gavita Pro 600e SE is a complete lighting fixture which means it comes with a lamp so all you have to do is plug in it and you are ready to go. Works great with Gavita Master Controllers!
The Gavita Digistar 1000e E-Series ballast is more efficient than other ballasts by being electronic and adjustable allowing for maximum lamp output.
The Gavita Digistar Ballasts 600e E-Series is on the cutting edge of growroom lighting technology. It features an ethernet connection to easily integrate with the Gavita Master Controllers.
SATCO T5 Fluorescent Blubs offer a cheap alternate when it comes to fluorescent bulbs with similar outputs to the other brands.
$249.95 - $322.95
Gavita Master Controllers allow you to use just a few buttons to have complete control over all of the connected ballasts in your grow room!
$104.95 - $108.95
Hydrofarm CO2 Injection Kit includes help you generate the ideal CO2 levels for large or small grow rooms. Produces 1500 PPM into your growing space.
Galaxy® Legacy® Electronic Ballast is one of the most versatile ballasts on the market today! Works with 600W, 750W and 1000W lamps!
This spigot is designed to allow for easy dispensing of your 5 and 10 liter sizes of Mills Nutrients.
$14.25 - $76.50
Botanicare KIND Bloom is a plant nutrient that has the perfect phosphorous-to-potassium ratio. Great for increasing biomass and promoting flower initiation.
$14.25 - $76.50
Botanicare Kind Grow is one of a three-part nutrient system from Bontanicare. Grow is ideal for plants in their vegetative period.
$14.25 - $76.50
Botanicare Kind Base is the part of the 3-part KIND nutrient system. Use KIND Base for plants that are in need of a calcium and nitrogen boost.
Mills Nutrients Ultimate PK is a powerful bloom booster for your plants. Apply it during the last portion of your plants bloom cycle to get a more abundant fruit set with great cell structure and amazing aromas.
$76.50 - $297.50
Mills Nutrients C4 is a unique blend of nutrients, bio-stimulants, carbs, and minerals designed to make your blooms explode! Perfect for any growing medium.

Featured Products

$16.95 - $115.00
General Hydroponics FloraNectar provides your plants with the necessary nutrients, amino acids and minerals for the sweetest fruits and the most aromatic flowers
The Milwaukee SE600 pH/EC/TDS combination probe is the replacement for both MW801 and MW802 models of combo meters.
Ideal for testing soil pH levels of your indoor potted plants or outdoor garden areas. The Rapitest Soil pH Meter measures pH levels from 3.9 to 9.0.
$15.95 - $54.95
FoxFarm BushDoctor Sledgehammer fertilizer rinse is designed to remove excess fertilizer buildup to improve water movement through both soil and soilless growing mediums.
$33.14 - $101.57
When your garden is ailing, get the hospital in a bottle! Revive Crop Repair Formula is loaded with safe forms of iron and other rejuvenating nutrients to save your crop.
Thymus vulgaris
The Sunmaster 1000W Super HPS Deluxe lamp encourages stem elongation and increased flowering and fruiting in your garden.
Because the Nectar for the Gods line of nutrients works so well if you use all of the parts, we decided to offer an extra discount for anyone interested in picking up the entire line in one bulk order.
Save 15%
Sunleaves Pioneer Jr. fluorescent light fixtures can hang vertically or horizontally. They have built-in plugs that let you link multiple light fixtures together for increased coverage as your plants grow!
Have a Sun System HID reflector that you want to keep but want to invest in a Hydrofarm ballast?
$12.50 - $69.95
Age Old Organics Bloom is a powerful organic fertilizer that will provide your plants with easily digestible nutrients that will help keep them healthy.
Agrosun T12 full spectrum fluorescent tubes are great for germinating seedlings, rooting plant cuttings and growing low-light plants such as African violets, orchids and other small sized houseplants.
Minimize the attention needed to grow healthy plants by using an Easy2Grow Kit with Reservoir, and 2 pots. This self-watering planter provides the right amount of water or nutrient solution to plant roots in a natural wet/dry cycle.
$9.49 - $42.95
Need to sterilize your growroom? Spray-N-Grow's Physan 20 is your solution! Excellent for controlling bacteria and fungi on seeds, seedlings, cuttings and ornamental plants. Eliminates foul odors and bacteria on contact. The biodegradable formula is safe for people, plants, pets and the environment!
This Little Giant submersible pump cycles 205 gallons per hour (GPH) and is a good match for hydroponics reservoirs 40-gallons or smaller.