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Newest Additions

Advanced Nutrients’ Microbial Munch is designed to help speed up the growing process while promoting growth in its roots, shoots, and overall yield.
Golden Goddess is a product that will allow your plant to get the best nutrients possible with Fulvic acids.
$16.95 - $53.95
Are you looking for the best nutrients for your plants, Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra Advance Nutrients is one of the best products on the market.
Advanced Nutrients Tarantula Liquid contains 57 types of microscopic organisms that colonize plant roots and leaves to guard against hostile bacteria and fungi attack. Ideal for both soil and hydroponic growing mediums. Tarantula protects seedlings, plant clones and adult plants.
$29.95 - $57.00
Get the right amount of CO2 when and where you need it with the Exhale 365 CO2 bags. These bags release CO2 for up to 9 months!
$30.50 - $109.95
SLF-100 is a unique enzyme product that keeps hydroponics systems running smoothly by not allowing any 'gunk' to build up in the system. It also works particularly great in clone machines and aeroponics systems!
$34.99 - $324.99
GrowSwitch Full On is an exciting new, organic supplement that reduces the NPK requirements your plants need saving you money and reducing environmental impact!
Save 15%
The Sun System Digital 250/400 allows you to easily switch between watts with the simple flip of a switch! This is perfect for changing weather.
Cuttings Edge Solutions Humtea Brewball is a multi-use nutrient that works great in hydroponics or soil applications.
$16.95 - $449.95
Looking for the best in spider mite control Look no further than Green Cleaner! It's one product we stand behind because we use it regularly!
Save 22%
The ARS Curved Scissors are a high quality pruning shear that you can sharpen over and over again so they last!
The Eye Hortilux PowerVEG is unique compared to any other T5 grow bulb. It has a perfect spectrum balance of UVA and UVB.
The Gavita Pro 1000e DE is a complete fixture that includes a Gavita Pro double ended blub. It's ready to plug in and used as soon as it arrives.
The new Gavita Pro 600/750e DE FLEX in completely new and improved. In comes with Gavita Pro double ended lamp and it's size makes it perfect for low ceiling situations.
The Gavita Pro 600e SE is a complete lighting fixture which means it comes with a lamp so all you have to do is plug in it and you are ready to go. Works great with Gavita Master Controllers!

Featured Products

Save 16%
Water-resistant, recycled fabric sack that attaches to your waist to easily collect garden debris, fruit, or produce harvesting.
Green Air LT8-240 Lighting Controller has the capacity of handling up to 8 high load lights up to 1000W. This controller gives you the ability easily synchronize the timing of your lights and has a 40 amp max outlet capacity.
$38.65 - $129.74
A one-part 100% organic plant fertilizer that ignites extraordinary flowering and fruiting results. Iguana Juice Bloom encourages bushier plants with short internode length
Bluelab Soil pH Meter is a reliable meter that is easy to use. Monitor the pH in your soil or hydroponics growing media to ensure it is perfect for the plants your are growing.
118.8 wide x 60 deep x 79.2 tall - The DR300 wide Dark Room closet is great for growing vegetables or flowering plants. It's the perfect size for holding a 4' x 8' hydroponics systems or two 4' x 4' plant trays. For optimum lighting use two 600W or 1000W MH or HPS grow lights.
Save 15%
The Sun System Digital 250/400 allows you to easily switch between watts with the simple flip of a switch! This is perfect for changing weather.
$24.65 - $43.69
Panda Film is tough stuff! It's 5.5 mils thick and measures 10 foot wide. Comes in rolls of 10, 25, 50 and 100 foot.
$17.63 - $54.75
Humboldts Honey Organic Extra Strength is a nutrient that benefits your plants root systems. It help with proper growth, heath and even improves the plants digestion.
Need support for your taller plants? Grodan's Mega Plant Clips are your answer.
$99.95 - $184.95
Horti-Control Dust Shrooms are air filtering caps for your intake fans. Use them to keep debris out of your air-cooled reflector, in-line fan, ice box or ducting.
Save 22%
The Sunleaves Cobra 6 air-cooled reflector can give some serious teeth to the grow light capacities of your indoor garden.
FoxFarm Happy Frog Bulb Food was created to support gorgeous flowers and a long blooming season. Ideal for tulips, daffodils, hyacinths or any other flower bulbs.
Monterey B.t. is an organic insecticide that contains natural ingredients making it safe for people and pets.
$15.25 - $33.95
Ionic nutrients are formulated specifically for hydroponic cultivation. They are complete hydroponic nutrients containing all essential trace elements necessary for fruit and flowering. This family of hydroponics nutrients include Ionic Grow, Ionic Bloom and Ionic Boost, plus hardwater formulas for those who need them.
$5.99 - $11.95
EZ-Clone Rooting Compound is a specially formulated gel designed to speed up root development of softwood and hardwood cuttings.