Autopilot Digital CO2 Controller Fuzzy Logic

Autopilot Digital CO2 Controller Fuzzy Logic

Use the Autopilot Digital CO2 Controller Fuzzy Logic to automatically, accurately and effectively maintain the CO2 levels in your grow room.

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Worried about maintaining the CO2 levels in your grow room? Stop worrying and get yourself Autopilot’s Digital CO2 Controller. With functions that allow it to measure the CO2 in the room and automatically shut off when levels are at the optimum PPM, this user-friendly device will make monitoring your plants’ CO2 intake so much easier.

This unit can be used in Fuzzy Logic mode, which allows the built-in processor to apply calculations to the injection schedule and effectively maintain carbon dioxide levels. It can also be used in standard logic CO2 injection.

This APCECOD model CO2 monitoring unit comes with:

  • Highly accurate dual beam CO2 sensor
  • 15-feet remote combination CO2, probe, and light
  • Data logger with memory to store high and low CO2 PPM readings
  • Adjustable CO2 dead band


Dimensions 9" tall x 7" wide x 4" deep

Weight = 5 lbs

Input voltage 120 Volts AC

CO2 range = 380-2500 PPM

CO2 accuracy: +/- 75 PPM

Maximum amperage 14.5 amps @ 120 VAC

Remote COMBO probe cable length = 15 ft

Covered by a 3-year warranty.

People who need the absolute best CO2 controller available today, use the PPM-2a from C.A.P. Fuzzy Logic(tm) gradually brings the CO2 level up to the desired setting without over-shooting the desired CO2 level.