Bluelab pH 4 Solution

Bluelab pH 4 Solution

Bluelab pH 4 Solution is specifically designed for calibration and allows you to ensure your Bluelab products are working effectively.

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Ensure your Bluelab monitor, probe, or controller is working correctly with Bluelab pH 4 Solution. Made specifically for calibration and and set to the highest standards, this solution will make sure your Bluelab products are clean and working effectively.

For more accurate readings, first calibrate with the pH 7 solution, and then with the pH 4 solution.

To prevent harmful contamination between solutions, de-canter the solutions into separate, smaller containers and throw away the contents when calibration is complete.

Store and keep tightly sealed in a cool place. Keep out of reach of children.

Available sizes: 20 mL packet and 250 mL bottle