Blueprint BCM CO2 Monitor

Blueprint BCM CO2 Monitor

The Blueprint BCM CO2 Monitor keeps track of the CO2 levels, temperature, and humidity in your grow room to ensure the conditions are ideal for your plants.

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Now you can reliably monitor the conditions of your grow room to make sure they are ideal for the types of plants you are growing. The Blueprint BCM CO2 Monitor keeps track of CO2 levels from 0-3000 ppm, temperatures from 32-122°F, and humidity from 20-80%. This particular monitor even records these values over the course of a 24-hour period with a built-in data logger so you can see how your garden’s conditions vary throughout the day and adjust accordingly.

Another unique feature offered by this CO2 monitor is that it has 2 visual alerts that will let you know if the CO2 levels in your grow room go outside of the pre-programmed range.

1 year warranty included