Bonsai Tools & Supplies

Bonsai trees require specialized care to thrive. In this area you'll find tools, supplies and other Bonsai tree related products.

Recently Added Bonsai Products

Ideal for any bonsai gardener, these 2 inch Straight Blade Bonsai Scissors from Shear Perfection, work for nearly any trimming application.
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The ARS Curved Scissors are a high quality pruning shear that you can sharpen over and over again so they last!
Sunleaves Bonsai Rocks help to maintain ideal growing conditions for your plants. They can also be used to help drainage in potted plants or as a top dressing in a miniature garden.
$12.50 - $69.95
Age Old Organics Bloom is a powerful organic fertilizer that will provide your plants with easily digestible nutrients that will help keep them healthy.
Dyna-Gro K-L-N Rooting Concentrate contains vitamin B-1, plus both IBA and NAA hormones to promote vigorous root growth in bonsai trees, foliage plants, orchids and any other flowering plants.
FloraBlend Vegan Compost Tea. If you want your plants; such as fruit and vegetables to heighten in color and flavor, this is the product for you. Not only does this product enhance root growth and strengthen the immune system but it provides carbon building blocks to your plants.
$12.50 - $69.95
Age Old Organics Grow is the perfect nutrient to help you plants grow strong and healthy. It can be applied to hydroponics setups or for soil applications. Works great with other nutrients!
$59.95 - $160.95
Add SUPERthrive with your fertilizer for amazing growth! Revitalize ailing plants and trees like magic! Have an over-fertilized problem? SUPERthrive can fix it.
$9.25 - $104.95
Hormex root stimulator is a liquid vitamin and hormone concentrate that encourages new root growth.
$7.95 - $69.95
Age Old Organics Liquid Kelp concentrate is the original soil and plant bio-stimulant! Made from Norwegian Sea Kelp (Ascophyllum Nodosum), Age Old Kelp is 100% organic.
Garden in your living room without creating a mess using this convenient Portable Potting Tray. Every indoor gardener needs one of these!
Sunleaves Mini Garden Snips make for fast work when you need to trim your plants.
Sunleaves Precision Pruners with straight blades are compact and ultra-light. A good choice when you need to cleanly cut your plants.
Titanium Curved Blade Pruners can take a real beating. They work great on houseplants, flowers, bonsai trees, vegetables, fruits and herbs.
A traditional style Bonsai tool, Hasami Shears are recommended for cutting capillary roots.
Ashinaga shears are an all-purpose Bonsai tool used for removing buds, leaves and small branches.
Joshua Roth 1168 Intermediate Wire Pliers are also known in Japan as IYattokoa (Yattoko).
These Joshua Roth wire cutters are designed specifically for Bonsai wire. This durable, high-quality Japanese crafted tool is designed with a rounded head to prevent damaging the branch.
The Joshua Roth 1165 wire cutter is capable of cutting most aluminum wire sizes.
Bonsai Cut Paste White Cap is a traditional dressing to seal tree wounds against insects, disease, and weather to speed healing, and minimize the shock of wounds when styling Bonsai or repairing branches.
Joshua Roth Green Cap Bonsai Cut Paste is for use on Conifers and Azaleas and is very popular with experienced bonsaiists.
Joshua Roth 3.0 mm anodized aluminum wire oxidizes to a lesser degree than copper, and is easier to conform to your preferred contour.
Joshua Roth 5.0 mm anodized aluminum wire oxidizes to a lesser degree than copper, and is easier to conform to your preferred contour.