Cut Dressings

Cut Dressings help protect and heal Bonsai after shaping.

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Bonsai Cut Paste White Cap is a traditional dressing to seal tree wounds against insects, disease, and weather to speed healing, and minimize the shock of wounds when styling Bonsai or repairing branches.
Joshua Roth Green Cap Bonsai Cut Paste is for use on Conifers and Azaleas and is very popular with experienced bonsaiists.
Similar in use to Shin-Kiyonal, Karusmate callus dressing dries to a greenish-black color to give you a more natural surface.
Shin-Kiyonal is a quick drying sealant and grafting aid that contains insecticides and fungicides to help prevent Bonsai distress.
Joshua Roth Tree Bond (#6042) is a putty-colored cut dressing from Masakuni that is used for gluing broken branches.
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