Bonsai branch cutters are used to shape the tree by removing unwanted branches.

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The Joshua Roth 1169 Intermediate Concave Branch Cutter is an excellent choice for the intermediate enthusiast seeking a more economical Concave Cutter.
The Joshua Roth 6169 Novice Concave Branch Cutter is a good choice for the Bonsai student and novice enthusiasts.
The Joshua Roth 2169 Concave Branch Cutter is ideal for working with small to medium sized Bonsai trees and is particularly well suited for smaller hands.
This economical Bonsai Folding Saw from Joshua Roth has fine, double-edged teeth that cuts on the back stroke.
Joshua Roth 1167 Spherical Knob Cutters are known in Japan as Kobu Kiri Hasami, and are an excellent choice for the intermediate Bonsai enthusiast.
The high-carbon steel of this Bonsai Knob Cutter will keep a sharp edge indefinitely when properly used and cared for. The Vinyl-covered handles provide a comfortable and sure grip with this Professional quality tool, particularly during temperate weather.
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