Potting Tools and Supplies

Tools to help pot new Bonsai stock or repot existing trees, including specialized soils.

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Use Joshua Roth's black Palm Hemp Twine (#6005) to redirect the growth of Bonsai trunks and branches.
Use Azalea Mix for Satsuki Azalea, rhododendrons and all other azaleas.
Use Conifer Mix for Junipers, Japanese Black Pines, Japanese White Pines, Cedar, Cypress and all other conifer trees.
Use Deciduous Mix for Japanese Maples, Hornbeams, Trident Maples, Beech and all other deciduous trees.
Use Tropical Mix for Ficus varieties, Fujian Tea, Buttonwood, Portulacaria and all other tropicals.
Using this drainage mesh in the bottom of your Bonsai pots gives good support while preventing the growing medium from escaping.
This Joshua Roth soil sieve set is used to grade growing media for layering, and to remove fine compacting dust that inhibits proper drainage.
Sunleaves Bonsai Rocks help to maintain ideal growing conditions for your plants. They can also be used to help drainage in potted plants or as a top dressing in a miniature garden.
Garden in your living room without creating a mess using this convenient Portable Potting Tray. Every indoor gardener needs one of these!