Botanicare LT Clone Tray

Botanicare LT Clone Tray

The Botanicare LT Clone Tray is an extremely shallow grow tray that will help you organize your grow room. Use it for cuttings, soil filled containers or bonsai trees or orchids.

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Clean up your grow room with the Botanicare LT Clone Tray! This very shallow tray is perfect for your cuttings, to use as a catch tray for soil filled containers, or to hold bonsai trees or orchids. Measuring 23”W x 43”L x 4”H you can easily fit up to four 10” x 20” trays inside the Low Tide tray to help you organize and have the perfect space to water your plants and also have proper drainage.

The Low Tide trays are made of ABS plastic to make them extra durable, and they simply stack together to help you save space in your grow room when they are not in use.

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