CAN-LITE 2600 Filter, 4" Flange, CAN s-400 Fan COMBO

26 Combo (95cfm Active Air squirrelcage fan/CAN 2600 filter)

Can-Fans and Can-Filters are tried and true products that set the standard in the marketplace. You can feel confident that you are getting the best quality of inline exhaust fan and filter for your grow room, greenhouse, or living area.

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The COMBO package includes:
*One CAN S-400 FAN
*One NEW CAN-Lite 2600 Filter

*One NEW 4" CAN Plastic Flange

Can-Fans and Can-Lite Filters are tried and true products that have set the standards for the marketplace. When you purchase a Can-Fan/Can-Lite filter combo, know that you'll be getting the highest quality inline exhaust fan and filter for your grow room, greenhouse, living area, or other relevant application.

Can-Fans are engineered to pair with the matching Can-Filter to provide true CFM. This Can-Fan/Can-Filter package includes the Can-Fan S Series 400, the Can-Lite 2600 filter, and the compatible 4" Can plastic flange. With this unique combo, you'll have all the elements you need for your air filtration setup–including the appropriate pre-filter, foam gasket, and carbon filled filter.

The Can-Fan S Series 400 is constructed of the highest quality powder coated steel, ensuring ultimate durability in even the most humid conditions. The fan comes with a built-in mounting bracket and grounded 6ft 120v power cord. Can-Lite filters are the newest series of Can filters, providing ultimate air filtration, particulate removal, and extreme odor control thanks to low density 100% Australian granulated carbon filter technology.

The Can-Lite 2600 filter requires almost no maintenance, can filter out up to 99.5% of contaminants and odors, and are ideal for those with allergies to pollen. This filter offers optimal performance, with a life expectancy of 2.5 years.

The Can-Fan S Series 400 is easy to install, quiet, and compact, offering you a variety of options for placement. This fan comes complete with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty, as well as CSA and UL standard certifications.

This combo also includes the 4" flange necessary to connect your Can-Fan S Series 400 and Can-Lite 2600 filter.

When fully assembled, this combo is rated for continuous use, and is suitable for both commercial and residential applications. For an effective, efficient air filtration system, you can't beat the Can-Lite 2600 and Can-Fan S Series 400 combo.