CANNA Coco Bricks

CANNA Coco Bricks

The CANNA Coco brick is the perfect way to save time and effort over tradition coco growing mediums. Simply add water and your coco is ready to go!

Save 14%
Save 16%

Growing with coco just got easier thanks to the CANNA Coco brick! WIth these handy new bricks, you’ll get the same high quality coco in a more compressed form, making growing that much easier.

These bricks not only make growing easy, but they also save time, money, and effort too!

Unlike other bricks on the market, the CANNA Coco brick has a hole in the center that increases absorption, allowing the brick to expand faster.

Also, these re-usable bricks are super user-friendly because when you use them, you won’t need any extra tools like buckets or tubs. The bag they come in is meant to be wetted, so all you have to do is open the bag, add water, and then VOILA!, your coco is ready to go!

Each pack comes with 2 coco bricks that expand to 40L of coco!

CANNA Coco Bricks can only be shipped by UPS or FedEx at normal rates.