Earth Juice Big Bloomin' Guano - 1 quart

Earth Juice Big Bloomin Guano - Quart

Use Earth Juice Big Bloomin' Guano to help increase the aroma of your flowers and flavor of your vegetables!

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Earth Juice Big Bloomin' Guano is liquid flowering supplement to safely increase phosphorus for the plants to help increase the size of fruit and flowers, but because it's natural and organic, it will also make flowers more aromatic and veggies more flavorful by increasing essential oil production. It's a great versatile product that can be used in addition to any feeding program, indoors or out, in soil or hydroponics (it's clear and won't clog systems!). It will increase flavor and aroma dramatically even if you're using chemical fertilizers! It is very gentle on plants which makes it easy to use as an additional flower 'booster', and the nutrient content is 0-4-0.