Elemental O2 Cylinder Stone

Elemental O2 Cylinder Stone

Elemental O2 Cylinder Stones are specifically designed to deliver the ideal amount of oxygen to the nutrient solution in your hydroponic garden.

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Elemental O2 Cylinder Stones are designed for maximum oxygenation of the nutrient solution used in your hydroponics system. The micropore design infuses oxygen as it aerates and circulates nutrients.

These oxygen stones help extend the life of your nutrient solution, keep roots healthy, and promote exceptional plant growth.

All sizes of the Elemental O2 Cylinder Stones have the standard barbed prong that fits all standard sized (3/16" ID) tubing and air pumps.

Simply connect the air stone to your high output air pump with tubing. The air pressure of the pump creates the aeration of the air stone that increases oxygen saturation.


  • 1.7" Stone: 1.7" tall x 2" diameter
  • 2" Stone: 2" tall x 2" diameter
  • 4" Stone: 4" tall x 2" diameter

Also works well in aquariums.