EZ-CLONE Low Pro White - 128 Site

EZ-CLONE Low Pro White - 128 Site

EZ Clone Classic 128-site features a new leak proof design and an increase in structural integrity.

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If you’re a fan of any of EZ Clone’s products, this replacement for the EZ Clone Classic 128-site cloning machine is about to be your new favorite. Featuring a new leak proof design, an increase in structural integrity, and alphanumeric symbols molded right into the plastic, this new design has everything our customers have been asking about.

The height of the new EZ Clone Low Pro White 128 Site has been reduced by four inches to ensure overall strength of the lid and reservoir, and four-way finger slots were integrated into the new design to improve cloning collar extraction. The leak proof design is enforced by the addition of drainage gutters, and an increased lip height with an extended flange. Additionally, the waterpump has been improved to include an extended baseplate and additional suction cups to prevent any potential tipping. The alphanumeric symbols mentioned above, combined with new collars in four different colors ensure that you can easily identify multiple strains of cuttings.

With an updated, easy to use design, the EZ Clone Low Pro is your new best option for aeroponic hydroponic cloning machines.

This system has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and replaced with EZ-Clone's new LOW-Profile 128 Site System, which you can find here- https://4hydro.com/ez-clone-128-site-cloning-machine