Fertilizers / Nutrients

Plants thrive when the proper balance of nutrients and water are provided.

Nutrients by Brand

Loyal to a brand name plant nutrient? Once a brand name has proven itself, loyalty is simply second nature.

All nutrient and nutrient-related products, plus pest control items, are included for each of these brand names / manufacturers:

More about plant nutrients

Quite often you will see percentages of nutrient compounds on fertilizer / nutrient labels - the most critical nutrients being the N-P-K:

N = Nitrogen P = Phosphorous K = Potassium

Nutrients come in either dry or liquid form. Some nutrients are designed strictly for hydroponics gardening. Others are suited for both hydroponics and soil applications. Still other nutrients are created for plantings in soil only, for either indoor or outdoor gardening.

Organics contain only natural ingredients. Most growers prefer organic fertilizers for edible crops such as vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices. What your plants eat, you eat. An OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed fertilizer guarantees the product is 100% organic.

Foliar sprays are nutrients that are easily absorbed through a plant's leaf and are quite effective when quick results are needed to improve a plant's health.

Supplements and nutrient additives contain microbes, micronutrients, bacteria, amino acids and other beneficial factors that help round out a plant's diet to achieve optimum health.

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