Flo-N-Gro 12 site Hydroponics System

Flo-N-Gro 12 site Hydroponics System

Titan Controls Flo-N-Gro 12 site Hydroponics System is easy to use and requires very little maintenance. This system is great for any level or gardener and can easily be expanded to increase the size of your garden.

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Create your own ebb-and-flow hydroponics system with Titan Controls Flo-N-Gro. This 12-site system is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance.

The Oceanus 1 controller included with the Flo-N-Gro system helps make this system so user-friendly. It does the work of filtering solution to your plants for you by sending oxygen-rich solution through the 360° mesh inserts to drench root zones in your grow sites. Any leftover liquid is then returned to main reservoir to be used for the next watering cycle.

What sets Flo-N-Gro apart from other systems like it is that it has larger connector tubing and fittings: ¾” instead of ½”. Bigger tubing means better flow and fewer clogs!

Included in the Flo-N-Gro 12-Site Hydroponics System:

  • 55-gallon reservoir
  • 2 Maxi Jet pumps
  • 12 three-gallon 360° mesh aeration inserts
  • 12 four-gallon grow sites and installed grommets
  • All required ¾” tubing and fittings
  • 3-year warranty

Need more room? You can get up to 24 extra grow sites with the Flo-N-Gro 6-Cell Expansion Kit.

NOTE: This system requires 125 liters of grow media to fill all the grow sites. Grow media is NOT included but can be found here.

10 Amps Maximum/120 Volts/60 Hz

The Titan Control Flo-N-Gro 6 Cell Expansion Kit is fully compatible with the Flo-N-Gro ebb and flow hydroponics system.
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