Freshmaker Filter

Freshmaker Filter

Organic Air Freshmaker Filters help to clean the air in your grow room! These filters help remove odors and particle matter like organisms and dust. Perfect for any ventilation system.



Organic Air Freshmaker Filters help remove unwanted odors from the air as well as any particulate matter, organisms and gases! This small, one-of-a-kind design uses small-pore active carbon that is perfect to use for both intake or exhaust for any ventilation system you may have in your grow room.

Circumferential and vertical pleats, along with the inverted cone shape and triple layer filter design, make it one of the biggest fiber surface areas of active carbon available of it’s kind!


  • 4” Filter: 1.8 pounds max flow and 516 CFM
  • 6” Filter: 3 pounds max flow and 942 CFM
  • 8” Filter: 4.95 pounds max flow and 2,000 CFM