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To have a successful grow room, you need the right ingredients, the right control mechanisms and the right balance of moisture, lighting and CO2 to gain optimum results.

Recently Added Grow Room Products

When you’re in the garden, function is everything. You might be out there all day, and with all of the harsh lights helping your plants to grow, it’s important to have proper eyewear.
Titan Controls Repeat Cycle Timer is a great solution for hydroponic system watering functions, especially ebb & flow and aeroponic systems.
Save 16%
CanaWipes feature a unique cleaning solution combined with durable towels to give you unmatched cleaning power.
$29.95 - $57.00
Get the right amount of CO2 when and where you need it with the Exhale 365 CO2 bags. These bags release CO2 for up to 9 months!
Cuttings Edge Solutions Humtea Brewball is a multi-use nutrient that works great in hydroponics or soil applications.
$16.95 - $449.95
Looking for the best in spider mite control Look no further than Green Cleaner! It's one product we stand behind because we use it regularly!
Hydrofarm CO2 Injection Kit includes help you generate the ideal CO2 levels for large or small grow rooms. Produces 1500 PPM into your growing space.
Save 15%
ONA Block Apple Crumble is designed to be small enough to rid small enclosed areas for nasty smells. Perfect for lockers, cars, or even a trash can.
Save 16%
ONA Mist Apple Crumble is an odor eliminator that would great in small areas up to 6,000 sq feet! It doesn't cover up odors, it eliminates them leaving you with fresh smelling air!
Durable construction, thick reflective walls, large viewing windows, and the first height adjusting grow tent available in the industry.
Save 14%
The Hydrofarm LED Growth Chamber is the prefect solution to help you move your gardening indoors! With its easy setup, 32 grow sites and full spectrum LED light, you're plants will be growing in no time!
Save 15%
The Grower’s Edge Sun Spool comes in a 10 count bag. These are the perfect solution to for plant support. They feature a 60" retractable line with hook.
The Rainmaker Backpack Sprayer is great for applying pesticide, fertilizer, herbicide and other liquids to large growing areas.
$3.49 - $16.95
Silver Flex Duct Tape is made with 2 mm high strength aluminium foil. Perfect for sealing up any ducting in your grow room.
These quick release stainless steel hose clamps from Ideal Air are the perfect solution to make routine cleaning or maintenance a breeze.
ThermoFlo SR Insulated Ducting gives you industrial quality air ducts for your grow room which means less noise, condensation, and heat loss.
The Grower’s Edge Enclosed Dry Rack is a great solution for drying your plants indoors. It features easy setup and stable construction.
The IR-28-MF Multi-Fuel Infrared CO2 Generator is a 2 heat tube CO2 generator that generates the purest CO2 emissions to help you conserve fuel.
IR-42-MF Multi-Fuel Infrared CO2 Generator is the fast and easy way to increase your grow rooms CO2 to help fertilize your plants' atmosphere.
$239.95 - $379.95
Hyper Fan Stealth fans use 50% less power than normal grow room exhaust fans and feature a unique design that allows it to product high CFMs per watt.
$12.50 - $24.50
The CANNA Coco brick is the perfect way to save time and effort over tradition coco growing mediums. Simply add water and your coco is ready to go!
Rapiclip plant labels help you keep track of important information that can be vital to ensuring your plants grow healthy and strong.
$10.39 - $12.99
CAN-Lite Pre-Filters are a great way to extend the life of your CAN filters. They block initial dirt and dust particles before they enter your filtration system.
$27.95 - $52.95
MyCO2 Grow and Bloom is the perfect solution for for delivering a boost of CO2 to your garden when you decide it's time.
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