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Written by Elaine R. Ingham, Ph.D., and Carole Ann Rollins
The 1981 classic Square Foot Gardening gets an update with All New Square Foot Gardening, by Mel Bartholomew.
The world of hydroponics is made into an accessible and exciting activity for kids in the comprehensive and hands-on teaching guide Classroom Hydroponics Plant Factory.
This Ultimate Guide to Backyard Bugs is a user-friendly in-depth guide covering North American insects found in your yard and garden area.
Packed with the most up-to-date facts and figures on gardening indoors with CO2.
A 96 page book covering common cuttings and grafting techniques.
This complete 168 page book covers light and it's relationship to plants, including, photosynthesis, photoperiodism, phototropism and light intensity.
This 128 page reference book gives you a step-by-step guide to achieving 20 to 50 percent higher yields with rockwool growing media.
Discover how to achieve the largest indoor garden yields, even when space is small and your budget is limited.
Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food In Hard Times, by Steve Solomon, helps you rediscover traditional low-input gardening methods for healthy food production.
One of the best and most straightforward works on growing herbs.
Written by the hydroponics pioneer, Dr. Howard M. Resh, this book is geared for people without hydroponics experience.
How to Grow World Class Giant Pumpkins the All-Organic Way takes an organic approach to growing pumpkins that provides amazing results.
This fourth edition book is probably the best reference on the shelf for learning how to design and build a grow room and an aeroponics or hydroponics system from scratch.
Hydroponic Basics offers 80 full color pages of how-to information for indoor hydroponics gardening.
A 142 page paperback to help give you great results growing tomatoes indoors.
Hydroponics Explained gives you step-by-step instructions on how to set up your own hydroponics system to successfully grow healthy herbs, vegetables, fruits, flowers and other ornamental plants.
Just starting hydroponics gardening? This 121 page paperback book gives you a good understanding of the concept of hydroponics.
287 Questions and Answers on topics like nutrition, essential elements, water, diseases, environmental conditions, nutritional disorders, sterilization, herbs and other food crops.
A subtly humorous 160 page paperback how-to guide for garden composting...
Your complete composting guide - 278 pages worth! A great reference book to keep around.
Over 400 entries of the most practical up-to-date gardening information ever collected from garden experts and writers nationwide.
From lighting and plant propagation to climate control, common indoor garden pests, and everything in between, The Insatiable Gardeners Guide offers soil gardeners and hydroponics enthusiasts the information they need to create successful indoor gardens.
Todays Container Gardening DVD walks you through the steps of growing gardens in pots.
You Can Grow Cattleya Orchids is a classic how-to paperback covering many types of orchids.
You Can Grow Orchids is a classic how-to paperback covering many types of orchids.
You Can Grow Phalaenopsis Orchids is a classic how-to paperback covering many types of orchids.
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