Misters & Measurers

Whether you need to increase humidity or apply foliar spray, this section includes the various misters you may need. You'll also find measuring tools here to help you keep nutrient and supplement measurements accurate.

For indoor and outdoor gardening.

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$3.99 - $6.50
A great idea for quickly measuring and dispensing small amounts of liquid fertilizers and supplements.
Save 25%
When you need to measure larger amounts of nutrients, or other liquids, turn to Sunlight Supply's Big Shot Measuring Glass!
If you use the 5-liter or 10-liter sized nutrients from Canna, this pour spout can save you lots of effort.
Chapin's new and improved, heavy-duty, commercial quality- Premier Pro Extended Performance Poly Sprayer has a 1 gallon capacity.
Apply your foliar sprays or disease control liquids quickly and efficiently with this Commercial Portable Sprayer-Atomizer.
The Exact-Cap is a highly accurate measuring device that fits onto a wide range of bottles, including pH Up and Down, nutrients, and even supplements.
Save 12%
The Fogmaster Jr is the perfect solution to efficiently apply pesticides, foliar feed products, or water to your garden.
Use this replacement filter with the Fogmaster Jr. Keep it working well for years to come!
The House & Garden Pour Spout makes dispensing your nutrients from 5-liter and 10-liter containers easy.
Save 15%
The International Measure Mug is a rugged measuring glass that holds up to one pint.
This heavy duty 5 ml (1 teaspoon) dropper is a great way to make precise measurements for your garden.
Heavy duty 5 gallon measuring bucket that is perfect for a variety of garden-related tasks.
The Mini Measure is a fast, accurate way to measure small amounts of liquid nutrients or supplements.
Save 25%
Ingenius design for a spray bottle! The Mondi Mist N' Spray has a flexible gooseneck at the nozzle to give you unlimited aiming options. Bend it up, down, sideways or any other way...
OXO has revolutionized measuring liquids with GOOD GRIPS Angled Measuring Cups. The angled surface lets you read the measurement markings by looking straight down into the cup!
The angled surface of a GOOD GRIPS Angled Measuring Cup lets you read the measurement markings by looking straight down into the cup!
The Rainmaker Backpack Sprayer is great for applying pesticide, fertilizer, herbicide and other liquids to large growing areas.
Save 15%
Solo's handheld sprayer is a one-hand pressure sprayer with a telescoping wand and a high-quality nozzle that is fully adjustable from direct jet to fine mist.
The Sunleaves Two-Way Nutrient Nozzle attaches to standard quart, liter, or gallon-sized bottles.
For best gardening results you need to be accurate with the measurement of plant nutrients.
The Sunleaves No Drip Bottle Clip lets you easily pour liquids from gallon size bottles without making a mess.