GrowSwitch Full On

GrowSwitch Full On

GrowSwitch Full On is an exciting new, organic supplement that reduces the NPK requirements your plants need saving you money and reducing environmental impact!

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GrowSwitch has a long history of having great products, but they’ve outdone themselves with their latest. Their newest product, Full On, is a miracle supplement.

Using a unique nanoscale technology, Full On can more easily enter plant cells than other supplements due to the particles small size. GrowSwitch Full On works to provide any missing nutrients and increase the ones present, giving the plant energy to grow. This all results with more effective photosynthesis, leading to increases across the board in cellulose, sugars/brix, starches, waxes, carbs, oils, and proteins, to give you the best result possible.

Since Full On is so effective, you won’t need to use as much as you normally would otherwise. It will reduce your NPK requirements by around 50%, lowering your growing costs and reducing your environmental impact caused by the fertilizer you use. Full On increases your yields and decreases your flush cycle down to days rather than weeks. And it’s organic! So you know exactly what you’re putting into your plants.

FullOn is very potent, meaning that you don’t have to use as much of it as you may think you do. In all types of ecosystems, it’s recommended that you use about half strength of your favorite nutrient blend and use Full On once or twice a week to achieve accelerated growth. Full On can be used as an awesome foliar spray, which helps to balance out the nutrients throughout the plant when you spray both sides of the leaves. To avoid a nutrient deficiency, you have to make sure that your plants are fed enough NPK’s throughout their growth cycle, because Full On allows plants to use and convert much more nutrients than they previously could.

Oh, we forgot to mention, we will ship you any size of Full On FREE!

FullOn by GrowSwitch has become a very popular addition to the Mills Nutrients lineup for many Mill's users. It will give you a little 'extra kick', and increase yield and flavor quality!"

Don't take our word for it. See what some people who use Full On regularly have to say.

"I have been using Full On for several months now and let me tell ya'. This nutrient will blow your mind!! And your plants will love you for it. As a test, I planted some green beans, acorn squash, yellow squash, and some zucchini squash in SAND where grass did not exist. I have picked beans 3 times already!! (All plants were started by seed) talk about tasty!! Friend said they never had more flavorful and firm green beans. Another friend stopped by who uses same nutes as I and wanted to know why my stuff looked so much better. I told her to get some FULL ON." -Benny