HF Seedling Heat Mat

HF Seedling Heat Mat

The HF Seedling Heat Mat helps your seeds increase their germination rate and grow faster overall.

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We like our results to be quick. That’s why we use HF Seedling Heat Mat to increase our seed’s germination rate and to get faster growth. Hf Seedling Heat Mat will also make the success rate of your seedlings and plant cuttings.

The cozy warmth of Seedling Heat Mat will leave your seedlings happy and ready to grow!

This heating mat works by warming up the root area over standard root temperature by 10 - 20° F.

These Seedling Heat Mats are safe to use thanks to their waterproof design. They’re easy to use for almost any setup thanks to their 6’ long power cord, they can used in any standard 120V electrical outlet. HF Seedling Heat Mats have been UL listed so you know they’re safe. Pick from the 3 sizes for what suits your needs:

  • 10" x 20" - accommodates 1 seedling tray - uses 17 watts
  • 20" x 20" - accommodates up to 2 seedling trays - uses 45 watts
  • 48 " x 20" - accommodates up to 4 seedling trays - uses 107 watts

Seedling Heat Mats come with simple instructions, advice on how to start seeding, and tips on cutting propagation directly on the mat so you’ll never lose them! Though it is not required to have a temperature controller with the heating mats, one is recommended for delicate plants like orchids. Use the Heat Mat Thermostat when you need to have a precise temperature control.