Horti-Control LF-10 Flip Flop Box

Horti-Control LF-10 Flip Flop Box

Horti Control LF-10 Flip Flop Box is a great, money saving addition for your ballasts. It prevents excessive wear from the on/off sequencing of your ballasts.

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Horti Control LF-10 Flip Flop Box is not only fun to say, but it’s great for your ballasts. The Flip Flop Box will extend the life of your ballasts by putting and end to the on and off sequencing that makes your ballasts wear faster. Plus, you’ll need fewer ballasts because the Horti-Control LF-10 Flip Flop utilizes 10 ballasts with 20 reflectors and bulbs. Flip Flop Box can be used with either magnetic or digital ballasts.

The Flip Flop Box also saves you money because you’ll be buying fewer ballasts and it will double your growing capabilities without increasing your electrical bill.

Seems pretty magical to us. So if you’re wondering how this could be possible, we don’t blame you. The Flip Flop Box works just how it’s name sounds. This product uses it’s first set of 10 reflectors over one area while the others are off, then after 12 hours they flip flop! The next set of reflectors will then work over another designated area for 12 hours. The Flip Flop Box is flexible, so you can use it over many different staggered formations, depending on what you want and/or need.

Expanding this product’s range is easy too, because it comes with a 15' piggyback trigger cable. This will allow you to use additional controllers.

If you currently use electronic ballasts or are planning to, we recommend using Quantum digital ballasts. Safety features on other electronic ballasts may cause problems when combined with the Flip Flop Box. However, the Flip Flop Box will work well with any magnetic ballasts.

NOTE: The Horti-Control LF-10 Flip Flop comes with standard (Sunlight Supply style) plugs and receptacles. If using Hydrofarm style plugs, you will need to use pigtail adapters.

Made in the USA! UL compliant for safety. Carries a 5-year hassle free warranty.