Humboldt Nutrients DeuceDeuce

Humboldt Nutrients DeuceDeuce

Supplement your plant's potassium with the Humboldt Nutrients DeuceDeuce. You will see an improvement in your plants flowers as well and a resistance to insects and disease.

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Humboldt Nutrients Organic DeuceDeuce is the perfect way to supplement your plant’s potassium. DeuceDeuce delivers potassium through Probiotic Potassium and Sulfate of Potash. This potassium will improve your plant’s flowers, resistance to disease and insects. This one product will make your plant’s photosynthesis more effective, increase the enzymatic functions, increase the formation of protein and cellulose, and increase the rate of carbohydrate and starches transportation.

So you might be asking yourself how one simple product can do so much for your plants. To put it simply, microorganisms that are dormant become energized and active when DeuceDeuce is diluted and combined with water. Once this happens the microorganisms instantaneously start breaking down the potassium. This begins the delivery of over 60 different elements through the cold pressed Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed, from which this product is derived. Reach your plant’s ultimate capabilities with Humboldt Nutrients DeuceDeuce.

Application Rate:

  • Hydroponics - use 1 - 5 ml per gallon of nutrient solution
  • Soil - use 1 - 5 ml per gallon of water or nutrient solution
  • Foliar Spray - use 1 - 5 ml per of gallon water