Hurricane Hydroponics - Cal-Mag

Hurricane Hydroponics - Cal-Mag

If you're concerned your flowering or mature plants are suffering a nutrient deficiency, a supplement like Hurricane Cal-Mag might just be the solution you need.

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Any hydroponic grower knows that successful crop production relies on proper plant nutrition. Your normal feeding regimen likely does an excellent job at covering that, most of the time. However, varying plant response, difficulty with nutrient uptake, and environmental factors can interfere with your normal base nutrients, which is why most growers look for supplements to get their plants back on track. This supplement, Cal-Mag, from the folks at Hurricane Hydroponics, is one of the solutions that's ideal for correcting nutrient deficiencies.

Cal-Mag contains a unique blend of calcium, nitrogen, magnesium, and iron, which all work to balance out your nutrients and increase yield during flowering or plant maturity. The calcium in this product works to strengthen the leaves and stems of your plants. When a plant takes up calcium, it forms pectin, which essentially functions as a glue that binds cells walls together. The better a plant's supply of calcium, the sturdier it is, and the stronger its vascular system, which means it can more easily take up water and other essential nutrients, keeping your plants healthy and disease-free. The unique blend of calcium, magnesium, and iron in this product have been proven by researchers to produce the following results:

  • The promotion of healthy, vigorous plant growth
  • Improved nutritional quality of plants
  • Increased flower bud absorption
  • Reduced leaf chlorosis, blossom end rot, tip burn, stem rot, and other deficiency related disorders
  • Improved density of fruit and production of essential oils
  • Optimized metabolism, which leads to healthier flowers and fruits
  • Accelerated growth and cell division

Hurricane Cal-Mag is an exceptional supplement that works well to deliver your plants the nutrients they need, when they need it. If your plants have been looking a little worse for wear lately, consider this product for any hydroponic garden you've got going