Hurricane Hydroponics - Converge

Hurricane Hydroponics - Converge

Converge Horticulture, a calcium silicate based media amendment and media conditioner is exactly what sustainable nursery and horticulture growers need to rebalance soilless substrates.

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All growers know that the pH level of your soil or other substrate is a key factor in deciding how well your plants do through the season. Even if your garden starts out with a perfect pH level at the beginning of the season, fertilizers, plants drawing nutrients out of the substrate, and a variety of other factors can cause that pH level to swing wildly up or down. That's where media amendments and media conditioners like Converge Horticulture come in. A calcium silicate based media conditioner and amendment, Converge is designed to work best with sustainable nursery and horticulture management practices to reset your substrate to the ideal pH level, reduce metal toxicity, and help your plants resist and tolerate abiotic stressors.

Converge makes use of a unique blend of calcium and silicon, which work together to get your sustainable garden back up and running the way you like it. While calcium has long been used as a supplement for gardens of all varieties, silicon is a bit newer. Industry experts have agreed, however, that silicon does indeed work to become biochemically involved with your plants' biological processes. So, how exactly does Converge work to amend your media and boost plant growth? Here are just a few of its best benefits:

pH Corrector

Converge, when added to your greenhouse or nursery substrate and irrigated, reacts with water to form monosilicic acid. This reaction works to remove acid from your media solution, and increase pH. In addition to that monosilicic reaction, Converge works to release calcium, which helps remove H and Al on the surface of your media. This also reduces any reserve acidity.

Neutralizes Metal Toxicity

Silicon is known to carry neutralizing properties, and is especially effective in neutralizing and detoxifying heavy metals. While some metals, like Iron and Magnesium, are good in trace amounts, too much of them can make your substrate toxic for your plants. The silicon in Converge fixes this problem in no time, and works to keep it away even after application.

Improves Plant Resistance to Environmental Stressors

Silicon is understood to be a biochemically active supplement, working with hormones and proteins within your plants to alter metabolism and other activities. Silicon is particularly effective in increasing enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidant production. As this production increases, your plant becomes more and more resistant to environmental or abiotic stressors like heat, cold, drought, salinity, metal toxicity, and UV-B rays.

Improves Tissue Strength

While plants can absorb and transport silicon, once it's been deposited, it is no longer mobile. Plants work to deposit silicon molecules along the outer tissues of the plants, which functions to strengthen both stems and branches, and create barriers that boost your plant's ability to resist insects and foliar diseases.

In addition to all the above benefits of Converge, it has been proven to increase photosynthesis in stressed plants, and increase resistance to salinity. Converge Horticulture is a superior media amendment and media conditioner that does more than just restore your pH balance. This product works to get your soil back to normal, as it also works to ensure your plants are as strong as possible in all facets of their growth. A product that helps strengthen, and build up plants' resistance to environmental factors, Converge Horticulture is a workhorse you just can't pass up!