Hurricane Hydroponics - NuHumic

Hurricane Hydroponics - NuHumic

NuHumic WDG from Hurricane Hydroponics is the ultimate humic acid supplement on the market today.

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Humic Acid has long been recognized as a beneficial supplement for growers of all sorts of crops. Humic acids are well known as highly biochemically active acids found in soils, and can be mixed in soil or soilless mixes, and added to hydroponic solutions to improve plant health across the board. Humic acids (HAs) are not actually fertilizers. A fertilizer is defined as any nutrient source for plants or microflora. HAs are not nutritional to plants, but instead function as a complement to fertilizers. When you add a humic acid supplement to your plants, the humic acid works to free up micronutrients within the soil or media your plants are growing in, and make it available for the plants.

Humic substances work to neutralize soil pH and free up carbon dioxide as well as acidic and alkaline soils. Neutralized soils will release any trace elements that were bound in the soil before as a result of those acidic or alkaline conditions. By adding humic substances, you essentially ensure any and all of the nutrients existing in your soil or media are readily available for your plants to take up.

What is tricky, however, for growers when it comes to humic acid supplements, is the lack of specific standards for products with humic substances. There aren't many regulations as to how nutrient companies can advertise their HA product, and that can make some HA supplements relatively misleading. HAs are a funny substance, in that if they are not soluble, they will remain inactive in soils, and will be unable to complete their job.

So, there are a great deal of products out there that advertise great amounts of humic acid in their supplement, when it's likely not all soluble, or beneficial to your plants. That's why it's really important that growers do their homework when it comes to humic acid supplements. Be sure to check the product label to see what percent of soluble humic acids are released into the soil, and check to see what the source material is. Different source materials contain different percentages of humic acid, and others are difficult to extract humic acid from.

For a quality humic acid product, you can't go wrong with Hurricane Hydroponics' NuHumic WDG Humic Acid Supplement. They use Leonardite, an oxidized lignite coal, as their source material. This unique material contains up to 85% humic acid, and is considered by most industry experts to be the highest quality source material for humic acid extraction. For the NuHumic WDG product, they start with the Leonardite, and then put the material through a patented humic acid extraction process. This process was designed using top-of-the-line research, and works to provide NuHumic with the highest percent of soluble humic acids fractions possible.

Soluble HAs work to increase nutrient uptake within your plants, and help create healthier, more extensive root systems. When your plants are able to take up and process more nutrients, and have wider root systems, they're able to grow more quickly, increasing foliage, blossoming, and bud production. Quality humic acid supplements like NuHumic WDG can make a serious difference on your growing season, so be sure to check it out today!