Hurricane Hydroponics - Selectrocide

Hurricane Hydroponics - Selectrocide

Simply put, Selectrocide is the absolute best all-purpose disinfectant on the market today for growers of any kind.

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This dry concentrate produces 2 liters of solution!

If you've been looking for a multi-purpose disinfectant for your garden for a while now, and simply haven't found anything that's as user-friendly and effective as you'd like, then you need to try Selectrocide. Selectrocide is a superior EPA registered and OMRI Organic Certified disinfectant, sanitizer, and deodorizer, that employs the power of pure chlorine dioxide to get the job done. There is no other product on the market like Selectrocide, and that's because the folks at Hurricane Hydroponics have again done extensive research to come up with a way to create pure chlorine dioxide with only the simple addition of water.

Selectrocide provides efficient, safe disinfectant treatment against a wide range of harmful microorganisms like germs, spores, viruses, fungi, mold, mildew, and bacteria. It's easy to use , as it comes in ready-to-open pouches that just need water to activate ultra-pure chlorine dioxide. Then, it's easily distributed with a spray solution or irrigation line. It will quickly penetrate biofilm, microbial membranes, and other harmful microbes, neutralizing them and freeing your plants from any sort of disease that may threaten.

Selectrocide is the most effective, versatile, user-friendly disinfectant on the market, and is any growers top choice for sanitation, disease prevention, and surface disinfection. Because Selectrocide is pure chlorine dioxide, it's a much more selective product. Chlorine dioxide is highly-reactive with a very small segment of electron rich amino acids that cause trouble in your garden. Unlike other chlorinated products, which react rapidly with a broad spectrum of amino acids, and often waste energy on unimportant molecules, chlorine dioxide only puts energy into destroying the pests you don't want in your garden, making it an ultra-effective and efficient product. You have to use a lot less of Selectrocide to rid your garden of a great deal of unwanted microbes.

For a disinfectant that is simply unparalleled in the market today, Selectrocide is any growers top choice. It's safe for humans and animals, easy to mix and apply, and totally effective in a way that's extremely efficient. To get rid of any unwanted microbes in your garden, Selectrocide is the product for you.