Hurricane Hydroponics - State of Emergency

Hurricane Hydroponics - State of Emergency

If your plants are entering into the early flowering stage of growth, and you want to do everything you can to ensure you get the massive yield you always wanted, it's time for State of Emergency.

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Many growers find that the best way to increase yield is to take their nutrient program to the next level when it comes to the early flowering stage. Research has shown that additional phosphorous and potassium can do wonders when it comes to helping your plants through the flowering stage. State of Emergency is a top-of-the-line phosphorous and potassium nutrient supplement that's made just for those stages.

While most vegetative fertilizers are high in nitrogen, to stimulate and support increased cell division and vegetative growth, your plants need a great deal more phosphorous and potassium when they transition into the flowering phase, and for specific reason:

Phosphorous delivers energy

When your plants transition into the flowering phase, they need a ton more energy to support additional growth at the top of the plant. Phosphorous is one of the key ingredients stimulating energy exchange in plants, and one of the only nutrients that can supply your plants with the energy they need to develop increased flower establishment and bud swell. Without additional supplies of phosphorous, your plants can quickly become phosphorous deficient, which will halt flowering growth. State of Emergency is the ideal product to supply those extra levels of phosphorus when your plants need them the most.

Potassium delivers quality fruit and flowers

If phosphorous is the energy-giver, then potassium is what ensures you get not only big, but quality fruits and flowers. Potassium increases the carbohydrate metabolism your plants need for fruit and flower development, but it's also used by plants to regulate water and nutrient movement throughout cells. Because it's so essential to the flowering stage of plant growth, when plants transition, potassium can be quickly depleted if plants aren't given additional potassium.

State of Emergency delivers those potassium levels your plants need for better, bigger, more flavorful fruits that are higher in sugar content. If you're a grower looking for high yields and high quality crops, then increasing potassium levels during heavy fruiting and flowering periods is an absolute must.

State of Emergency is a high quality product sure to deliver the increased phosphorous and potassium your plants need for:

  • Increased flower density, size and quality
  • Elevated levels of essential oils, aromas and flavors of fruits and flowers
  • Increased plant tolerance of environmental stressors, diseases, and insects
  • Heavyweight fruit, and rapid ripening during critical last weeks of production

Growers should keep in mind that State of Emergency does contain very high levels of phosphorous and potassium. If you're already on an aggressive feeding regimen for your plants' flowering phase, you'll want to make sure you adjust nutrient concentrations to fit with State of Emergency.