Hurricane Hydroponics - Storm Cell

Hurricane Hydroponics - Storm Cell

Storm Cell, from Hurricane Hydroponics, is that product. A 1-part nutritional concentrate for seedlings and cuttings grown in soilless media like coco coir, rockwool cubes and plugs, vermiculite, pearlite, and any other sort of inert mix.

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There are all kinds of nutrient and supplement products available for your plants' vegetative and flowering stages of growth. That's because these are most often recognized as the two most critical stages affecting your overall yield and the health of your plants. But how can you expect to have healthy plants if your seedlings and cuttings aren't healthy? That's where Storm Cell comes in. A 1-part nutritional concentrate for seedlings and cuttings, this product works to fill a gap so often seen in our industry by offering a perfect nutritional blend of macro and micronutrients to plants in the pre-growth or autotrophic initiation stage of development.

Storm Cell is brought to you by Hurricane Hydroponics, and is a product that's designed for use with cuttings and seedlings grown in soilless media like vermiculite, rockwool plugs, coco coir, and any other similar mix. This product is designed to be used shortly after the emergence of the cotyledon. When cotyledons emerge, they contain stored food reserves to help the seedling establish itself and begin development. But after those reserves are all used up, the cotyledons have to transition to photosynthesis, which is when standard growing practices encourage growers to flood the plants with light, water, and warmer temperatures. If young plants are given all those things, but still lack proper nutrition, they will not emerge as the healthy and strong mature plants you're looking for. That's why Storm Cell exists.

Growers should begin applying Storm Cell shortly after cotyledons emerge, and should continue to apply it until plants enter into vegetative growth. This product is specifically designed to provide your plants with a full spectrum of essential nutrients that will boost their growth, and afford a seamless transition from the autotrophic stage to the beginning of the vegetative growth stage.

Many growers are afraid to administer nutrients to seedlings and cuttings for fear of nutrient toxicity. While it's true that young plants are very much susceptible to nutrient toxicity, they're equally as susceptible to nutrient deficiencies. Without proper nutrition as seedlings, your plants won't get off to the robust start they need to reach their genetic capacity. That's why specially blended and formulated products like Storm Cell are ideal for young plants. It's designed with young plants' needs in mind, and contains all the essential macronutrients, secondary macronutrients, and micronutrients a plant needs, but in carefully formulated doses that won't shock plants.

Storm Cell is a safe, easy-to-use product that will set your plants up for success in the vegetative state. If you plan on using a 3-part vegetative growth system like Hurricane Hydroponics' Tropical Storm, a product like Storm Cell will help prepare your plants for the aggressive nutrient solutions that will boost them through those later growth stages.