Hurricane Hydroponics - Tropical Storm - Veg Part I

Hurricane Hydroponics - Tropical Storm - Veg Part I

If you've been looking for a comprehensive feeding regimen for your plants' vegetative state, the Tropical Storm 3-part Vegetative Growth System is a quality option that's easily customized to fit any nutrient or supplement you're already using.

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The Tropical Storm 3-part vegetative growth system from Hurricane Hydroponics is one of the best, most comprehensive feeding regimens for any plant, whether they're grown in soil or in hydroponic environments. Hurricane Hydroponics has put a great deal of plant science and intensive research into all of their products, and this Tropical Storm system is no different. It contains the big 3 macronutrients that all plants need, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K), and makes use of only the highest pharmaceutical grade components, to ensure consistency, reliability, and top performance from this product.

The nitrogen in the Tropical Storm Vegetative Growth system helps your plants generate the chlorophyll, proteins, and amino acids necessary to develop strong stalks and stems. Phosphorous works to regulate that protein synthesis, and encourages cell division and the development of new tissue. Potassium is what helps your plants move water, nutrients, and carbohydrates through plant tissue, making your plant's growth cycle much more efficient, and ensuring you get larger, stronger plants, faster.

The Tropical Storm Veg Part 1 contains a 1-1-4 N, P, and K ratio, ensuring your plants get the nutrients they need quickly, as soon as you start this feeding regimen. Hurricane Hydroponics understands the necessity not only of the traditional N, P, and K blend, but also secondary macronutrients like Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulfur.

Those secondary macronutrients are often forgotten by other nutrient providers, but have been found to be equally as important as N, P, and K. Calcium is absolutely necessary for plant growth, as it's what helps plants form cell walls, and it helps maintain a healthy root system. What's more, in soil or soilless mixes, it replaces hydrogen ions on the soil surface, which works to reduce acidity. Magnesium is an essential part of the chlorophyll molecule, and is directly connected to the amount of energy a plant has. Finally, Sulfur is often the most forgotten, but the most necessary nutrient for just about any plant. In many cases, plants need as much sulfur as they need phosphorous. One of the essential building blocks of all kinds of proteins, hormones, vitamins, and amino acids, sulfur plays a central role in your plant's development. Hurricane Hydroponics worked hard to include this wide variety of quality secondary macronutrients because they understand the essential roles they play in plant growth.

What's more, Hurricane Hydroponics has been careful to include trace amounts of chelated micronutrients like Iron, Zinc, Copper, Molybdenum, and Boron. As many of these nutrients are chelated, it's easy for your plants to absorb them into their system, to more quickly stimulate better growth and reproduction.

Know that when you use the Tropical Storm feeding program, you can expect to see enhanced sugar production during critical vegetative states. Your plants will be able to use these additional nutrients to their advantage, as sources of protein synthesis and amino acids. The Hurricane Hydroponics Tropical Storm vegetative growth system is one founded on research and solid science, and is guaranteed to give you the stronger, bigger plants you're looking for to support your highest yield yet.