Hurricane Hydroponics - Tropical Storm - Veg Part II

Hurricane Hydroponics - Tropical Storm - Veg Part II

Veg II regulates protein synthesis and is an important part of cell division and the creation of new tissue. The nitrogen in this product is kept very high, as all plants require a great deal of it to create and form chlorophyll, both structural and non-structural proteins, and essential amino acids.

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The second part in a three part system, Tropical Storm Veg Part II features a 3-0-2 ratio of the three essential macronutrients, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K). You'll note that this portion of the Tropical Storm 3-Part Vegetative Growth System is lacking that second macronutrient, Phosphorus, and that's to fit the unique needs of your plants. Both the other two parts of this system feature a great deal of Phosphorous, and the Tropical Storm Veg Part II is specially formulated to ensure your plants receive the proper balance of each of those macronutrients.

Hurricane Hydroponics developed the Tropical Storm Vegetative Growth System to fit all types of hydroponic systems, and a great deal of plant varieties. They first conducted in-depth research to see which ingredients and ratios yielded the best results, and then they created the Tropical Storm line using only the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade components to ensure their product was consistent, stable, and reliable.

The Tropical Storm system features a sophisticated combination of the three macronutrients integral to quality plant growth. Nitrogen, one of the most important nutrients for any plant, helps plants develop proteins and build amino acids, laying the groundwork for a strong, sturdy plant as it moves on to the flowering cycle of growth. Phosphorous helps ensure that your plants can produce the quality stem and leaf structure they need to optimize flower production. Potassium works to stimulate early growth in your plants, ensures they're using water efficiency, and builds up their tolerance to a variety of insects and diseases.

But what's best about the Tropical Storm system isn't just their inclusion of the three essential macronutrients. Most quality fertilizers out there have those, but what sets Tropical Storm apart is its inclusion of the three important secondary macronutrients: Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulfur. Often forgotten by plant growers and even fertilizer developers, these secondary macronutrients are just as essential as the the first three. They ensure your plants grow strong, develop healthy root systems, and have enough energy to continue producing long into the growth cycle.

Sulfur, for example, is often forgotten in many fertilizers, but is just as essential as nitrogen to any plant. It is one of the molecular building blocks for a majority of amino acids, hormones, vitamins, and proteins. WIthout sulfur, your plant cannot properly absorb and make use of other nutrients like nitrogen. These secondary macronutrients are especially important in the vegetative growth state, when your plants need to absorb as much nitrogen and phosphorous as possible.

Finally, the Tropical Storm 3-part Vegetative Growth System also contains chelated micronutrients like Copper, Zinc, Iron, Boron, and Molybdenum in trace amounts, to ensure that your plants have all their nutrient needs met. These micronutrients improve growth and reproduction, and can help plants absorb those other macronutrients even better.

Hurricane Hydroponics has put a great deal of science and research into the complex fertilizer that is Tropical Storm. A top-of-the-line product that contains all the nutrients your plants need through their vegetative growth cycle, Tropical Storm is easy to use, and guaranteed to deliver exceptional results.