Hurricane Hydroponics - White Squall

Hurricane Hydroponics - White Squall

An all-purpose product, White Squall is considered a multi-functional oxidizing water treatment, which means it can handle anything from mineral deposits to algae to fungi to biofilm.

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If you're looking for a quality product that can descale, oxidize, and take out any sort of buildup within your water culture based hydroponic system, then the White Squall Multi-Functional Oxidizing Water Treatment from the folks at Hurricane Hydroponics might just be the all-purpose option for you. This water treatment functions as a descaler, a biocide, and an algaecide, and is guaranteed to break up any sort of buildup plaguing your plants.

White Squall's primary active ingredient is hypochlorous acid (HOCl). While scientifically classified as a weak acid, it is the absolute best material to safely remove unwanted bacteria, fungi, viruses, algae, and biofilms from your hydroponic garden. These sorts of build-up most often occur in hydroponic nutrient reservoirs and White Squall's unique oxidizing powers work to effectively descale these mineral deposits and bacterial biofilms. HOCl is one of the most potent disinfectants in the world, but it's also one of the safest. It is non-toxic to humans and other mammals, and is actually one of the acids that your body produces to fight infections.

Because HOCl is such a safe product, it's ideal for plants, as it will not harm your plants or cause root burn. It can be used safely at any point of your plant's growth, and even as a final flush to get rid of residual mineral build up. When using White Squall, it's important to remember that the product functions best in a pH controlled environment in conditions ranging from 2.0 to 7.0. At this range, the HOCl will remain the dominant chlorine species in your system, which ensures its able to continue performing its job of eliminating unwanted mineral buildup, fungi, algae, and biofilms.

White Squall for Descaling

The two most common components of scale within your hydroponic garden are calcium and magnesium carbonates. They're those substantial deposits you often see forming on your equipment and integral system parts, and they can cause a lot of damage if not taken care of. The HOCl in White Squall reacts with both the magnesium and calcium carbonates, which turns the components into chloride salts. Chloride salts are highly soluble, and can easily be removed from your system in this form.

It's good to know that the White Squall product doesn't stop there. It's a multipurpose water treatment, which means it does more than just get rid of mineral deposits and biofilms. When used regularly, it's also a preventative product. It makes the water within your system inhospitable to those biofilms, algae, bacteria, and mineral deposits you were getting rid of in the first place. When you prevent dangerous buildup from happening in the first place, you ensure your plants always have a clean, healthy environment to grow in, and their access to nutrients is never interrupted.

White Squall in Dissolving Biofilms

Bacteria exist in two life forms, both of which can be dangerous to the health of your plants. The first is as independent cells. In this form, they're able to produce infections and endanger the health of your plants. The second form occurs when bacteria cells merge together to form a biofilm. These also endanger your plants, as they can develop and pass diseases, and they gum up your system, making life increasingly harder for you and your plants. What's worse is that biofilm is notoriously difficult to get rid of. Much like a weed, you have to rid your garden of the entire biofilm, because if even a few cells are left behind, the biofilm will simply begin to reform itself, and grow larger.

This is where White Squall comes in: it's a fierce multi-site solution that removes biofilms in their entirety, and works to keep them out of your hydroponic system all together. The HOCl in White Squall works to break the carbon bonds that hold together the cells within a biofilm, until the entire matrix within the biofilm is dissolved. After the product has destroyed a biofilm entirely, any remaining bacteria or dangerous microbes are exposed to water that has elevated Oxidation-Reduction Potential levels, thanks to White Squall. This elevated ORP makes it impossible for those dangerous microbes to exist or develop further, and keeps your plants safe in the future.

Growers should know that White Squall is exceptionally safe for plants. It will not cause root burn, and in fact will benefit the rootzone of most plants. Most growers observe their plant's roots become whiter and larger in mass than roots that go untreated. What's more, when you use White Squall, you'll note your roots are much less at risk to root diseases like root rot. Because their environment is clean and disease free, your plants will grow more quickly and vigorously, offering you exceptional yield.