Ebb and Flow Hydroponics

Ebb and Flow hydroponics systems hold your plants in a tray filled with growing medium - it sits above the reservoir holding the nutrient solution.

A timer starts the pump to fill the tray with nutrient solution to drench the roots, then it drains back down into the reservoir. This keeps the growing medium regularly flushed with nutrient and air to help your plants thrive.

Ebb and Flow hydroponics is also known as Flood and Drain hydroponics.

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For the Do-It-Yourselfer! American Hydroponics offers the Bare Bones Baby Bloomer ebb and flow system.
The BigFoot Hydroponic Garden has all the benefits of the Econo System, with a more convenient size!
This heavy-duty molded 2 x 4 foot system includes American Hydroponics new reflective white "dimpled" top tray.
Titan Controls Flo-N-Gro 12 site Hydroponics System is easy to use and requires very little maintenance. This system is great for any level or gardener and can easily be expanded to increase the size of your garden.
The Titan Control Flo-N-Gro 6 Cell Expansion Kit is fully compatible with the Flo-N-Gro ebb and flow hydroponics system.
Get a replacement mesh basket for the Flo-n-Gro Gro Giant Ebb and Flow System's 6.6 gallon grow site.
The Ebb & Gro Hydroponics System is a complete 12 plant system, including a food-grade 55 gallon drum/reservoir.
Maximize the performance of your Grow Flow Ebb and Grow system by adding six more buckets included in this kit.
The Mega Garden Complete is an ebb and flow hydroponics system where the plant roots are immersed in nutrient solution several times a day.
The Titan Controls Oceanus 1 controller utilizes digital technology to run your ebb and flow hydroponics system.