Hyper Fan Stealth

Hyper Fan Stealth

Hyper Fan Stealth fans use 50% less power than normal grow room exhaust fans and feature a unique design that allows it to product high CFMs per watt.

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For a quieter, more powerful fan for your grow room, choose Hyper Fan Stealth.

Unlike other silenced fans on the market, the Hyper Fan Stealth has a streamlined, airplane jet engine design, which allows it to produce the highest CFMs per watt, making it one of the most efficient fans in the industry.

Also, the Hyper Fan Stealth improves on the original Hyper Fan’s sturdy, silencing design by adding lightweight acoustic foam and a silencing canister, making it 75% quieter than other fans! And just like the original Hyper Fan, the Stealth uses 50% less power.

Available sizes:

  • 6” @ 315 CFM
  • 8” @ 710 CFM
  • 10” @ 1065 CFM