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The AgroLED Sun 411 Bloom LED fixture offers lighting for the fruiting and flowering stages of plant life with three independent channels.
The AgroLED Sun 211 Bloom LED fixture offers lighting for the fruiting and flowering stages of plant life with three independent channels.
AgroLED 4' cool spectrum is a versatile fixture, perfect for any vegetative growth application from rooting clones or seedlings for your garden, to supporting any vegetative phase growth.
AgroLED 4' cool spectrum is a versatile fixture, perfect for any vegetative growth application from rooting clones or seedlings for your garden, to supporting any vegetative phase growth.
Our Growers Choice 630w CMH Ceramic Metal Halide system (GC-630NS) has a newly redesigned reflector to replicate and harness the forceful penetrating power of the sun.
Our Growers Choice 315 watt Ceramic Metal Halide system (GC-315W) utilizes advanced low frequency square wave technology and a high efficiency 315 watt ceramic metal halide grow lamp.
Introducing our new Iluminar 1000w DE horticultural lighting system! The Iluminar 1000w DE takes the best of all existing DE (Double Ended bulb) lighting technology and incorporates it into a very high quality, and yet affordable grow light.
$6.75 - $16.95
Looking for the perfect, plump, juicy tomato Well Tomato-tone organic fertilizer from the folks at Espoma can help you produce it!
From the folks at Espoma comes a superior enriched potassium source—Espoma Potash.
Chapin's new and improved, heavy-duty, commercial quality- Premier Pro Extended Performance Poly Sprayer has a 1 gallon capacity.
To harvest the ideal yield you're looking for this year, your plants need extensive root systems to support bigger, healthier, and more vital plants.
$11.95 - $44.95
?Foliar feed your flowers, fruit or veggies with Spray-N-Grow and you'll see amazing results! Spray-N-Grow is a micronutrient complex, cultured in a water base, that acts as a biocatalyst.
$21.95 - $69.95
?Microbe Life Nourish-L is a unique, water soluble, liquid humate derived from highly decomposed organic humus deposits. It contains a combination of naturally occurring microorganisms that help to maintain both appearance as well as the vigor of vegetables and plants.
?Microbe Life Foliar Spray and Root Dip contains Ecto and Endo Mycorrhizal Fungi that live on the roots of your plants to form a healthy symbiotic relationship.
$9.95 - $21.95
?Espoma Organic Traditions Rock Phosphate is a 100% natural source of phosphorus. Plants require this nutrient for healthy root development and for fruit and flower production.
$7.95 - $27.95
Espoma Organic Traditions Bone Meal is an all natural source of organic phosphorous and nitrogen.
$8.95 - $37.95
Espoma Organic Traditions Dried Blood is a safe source of organic nitrogen.
Simply put, Selectrocide is the absolute best all-purpose disinfectant on the market today for growers of any kind.
If your plants are entering into the early flowering stage of growth, and you want to do everything you can to ensure you get the massive yield you always wanted, it's time for State of Emergency.
Converge Horticulture, a calcium silicate based media amendment and media conditioner is exactly what sustainable nursery and horticulture growers need to rebalance soilless substrates.
NuHumic WDG from Hurricane Hydroponics is the ultimate humic acid supplement on the market today.
?If you're looking for a quality supplement that's guaranteed to give you stronger, more resilient plants, then Storm Surge Silica from Hurricane Hydroponics is the supplement you want.
If you're concerned your flowering or mature plants are suffering a nutrient deficiency, a supplement like Hurricane Cal-Mag might just be the solution you need.
Storm Cell, from Hurricane Hydroponics, is that product. A 1-part nutritional concentrate for seedlings and cuttings grown in soilless media like coco coir, rockwool cubes and plugs, vermiculite, pearlite, and any other sort of inert mix.
An all-purpose product, White Squall is considered a multi-functional oxidizing water treatment, which means it can handle anything from mineral deposits to algae to fungi to biofilm.
Hurricane Flower is a high-quality 3-Part Flowering Concentrate System that's designed for use with any plant in any type of hydroponic systems.
Hurricane Flower part III, features a 1-8-5 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, ensuring each of the essential macronutrients is represented, but guaranteeing your plants get the most of what they truly need for flowering.
his specific part of the Hurricane Flower system, Hurricane Flower part II, contains a 4-0-4 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.
Hurricane Flower Part I is the first part of the Hurricane Flower 3-part flowering concentrate system designed for any plant in any type of hydroponic system.
If you're looking for a quality base fertilizer to boost your plants through their vegetative growth cycle, then the Tropical Storm 3-Part Vegetative Growth System is exactly what you need.
Tropical Storm Part III includes a variety of micronutrients in trace amounts, as well as aminoN L-amino acids, all of which help stimulate growth throughout the vegetative state, and help your plants produce as much as possible, using as little energy as possible.
Veg II regulates protein synthesis and is an important part of cell division and the creation of new tissue. The nitrogen in this product is kept very high, as all plants require a great deal of it to create and form chlorophyll, both structural and non-structural proteins, and essential amino acids.
If you've been looking for a comprehensive feeding regimen for your plants' vegetative state, the Tropical Storm 3-part Vegetative Growth System is a quality option that's easily customized to fit any nutrient or supplement you're already using.
If you're looking for a condensate pump kit for your Quest Dual 105, 155, 205, or 225 dehumidifier, then this is the one that fits!
Circulating 925 cubic feet of air per minute a 1.9 amps, this fan gets air moving the way you need, at a very small sacrifice of space.
Save 15%
Easily installed, this remote wall mounted humidistat can be adjusted from 20%-80% RH humidity, and comes complete with positive On and Off settings.
The Quest CDG74 It's durable enough to stand up to anything you can throw at it, with high-quality components and a heavy duty protective ROTO case.
This digital control is easily mounted on your indoor garden wall, and set with the touch of a button.
This Quest Dual 110/150 Supply Duct Kit is the appropriate attachment for the supply side of Quest Dual 110 and 150 Dehumidifiers.
These handy 10 inch flanges connect right to the air outlet on your dehumidifier, allowing you to attach a bit of ductwork going to the indoors.
Simply hook this return duct kit to the intake on your Quest Dual 150 Dehumidifier, and you'll then be able to attach a small amount of ductwork to the unit, allowing you to place the dehumidifier outside.
Simply attach a limited amount of ductwork to the intake on your Quest Dual Dehumidifier with this kit, and you'll be able to place your dehumidifier outdoors, and out of your way.
The MovinCool Indoor/Outdoor Portable A/C Classic Plus 14 unit is the most convenient, easy-to-use grow room air conditioner on the market.
Need an air conditioner you can move anywhere From indoors to outdoors, the MovinCool portable Classic Plus 26 air conditioner is your answer.
?For an air conditioning unit that's compatible with both outdoor and indoor gardens, you can't beat the Classic 40 semi-portable indoor/outdoor model from MovinCool.