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The MovinCool Indoor/Outdoor Portable A/C Classic Plus 14 unit is the most convenient, easy-to-use grow room air conditioner on the market.
Need an air conditioner you can move anywhere From indoors to outdoors, the MovinCool portable Classic Plus 26 air conditioner is your answer.
?For an air conditioning unit that's compatible with both outdoor and indoor gardens, you can't beat the Classic 40 semi-portable indoor/outdoor model from MovinCool.
Keep your garden cool this year with the MovinCool Indoor/Outdoor Air Cooled Semi-Portable A/C Classic 60 unit.
The Ideal-Air Mega-Split Ceiling Mount Heat Pump is perfect for heating your grow room in the winter, cooling it in the summer, or just maintaining a steady temperature year-round.
$249.95 - $449.95
These mini split interconnecting wire packages are for the Ideal-Air Pro Series Ductless Heating and Cooling. Offered in two different lengths, 25 ft and 50ft,
If you've been looking for a mini split system to heat and cool your indoor grow room, the Ideal-Air Pro Series Ductless Heating and Cooling Mini Splits might just be the right option for you.
This wall bracket made specifically for ductless split systems offers a quick, simple way to get your system's condensing unit out of the clutter and up on the wall.
$9.50 - $38.95
Use Clonex Mist in conjunction with Clonex Rooting Compound to enhance vigorous healthy cuttings with robust root development and elongation of root hairs.
Whether you're an experienced gardener, or you're looking for an easy way to show your kids how to grow plants, the Jump Start Windowsill Heat Mat and Tray Kit is perfect for anyone!
$30.95 - $229.50
?If you're looking for at top-of-the-line-product to stimulate root growth in your crop or flowering plants this season, then look no further than Roots Excelurator Gold from House and Garden.
Not only does this product balance unstable pH levels, but it also contains the perfect combination of trace minerals, ensuring that nothing interferes with the nutrients in your reservoir.
$17.95 - $60.50
For a nutrient rich in organic nitrogen, you can't beat the Down to Earth Blood Meal. A certified organic product, this blood meal provides readily available nitrogen to any plant you've got growing.
Plants like evergreen trees, flowering shrubs, and berries often grow better in a low pH soil, making them a bit more difficult to cultivate than others.
$8.50 - $26.95
If you're looking to enhance early season growth and promote exceptional root development, then the Down to Earth Bone Meal is the soil amendment for you.
?If you've always wanted a comprehensive nutrient line for your plants, but are worried about the money it takes to completely switch to a new group of products, then the 3-Part Kick-Starter Kit from Emerald Harvest is a great option for you.
Emerald Harvest is introducing their hassle-free 2-part Kick-Starter Kit, based around their well known Cali-Pro base nutrients.
$169.95 - $297.95
Vitalize is carefully formulated to make your plants healthier, heartier, and more resistant to stress factors.
RAW Cane Molasses is highly concentrated and very economical.
Humboldt County’s Own Emerald Triangle Deep Breath is designed to help boost your plants' growth with its unique honey and vitamin based formula.
Highly concentrated and highly effective, this product contains impressive levels of essential potassium phosphate, vitamins B2, B3, B6, and nearly 20 times the vitamin B1 of any other bloom booster on the market today.
To protect your plants from overheating, and potentially even fire, check out the Titan Controls Zephyr 2 - High Temperature Shut-Off with Delay.
?If you're looking for a digital timer to handle multiple appliances or units in your hydroponic system, lighting equipment, pump, or other large scale gardening operation, then you need the Blueprint BDT-2.
For a timer that can enforce any schedule you set, look no further than the Blueprint BDT-1.
$25.95 - $425.00
A pH stable, easy-to-use nutrient specifically formulated for the grow phase of your plants, Gro Terra contains a whole host of essential macro and micro elements necessary for exceptional plant development.
$25.95 - $425.00
Supernatural Bloom Terra contains essential minerals as well as all the trace elements necessary for a large, vigorous bloom phase, Bloom Terra is affordable, and pH stable.
$16.95 - $56.95
Organic Bountea SuperStart brings the nutrients your plant needs to grow and thrive.
Organic Bountea's Better Bloom is a natural, organic fertilizer to help boost your plants to their best bloom.
$20.95 - $56.50
Bountea Root Web is the prefect choice to protect your seeds, trees, and lawn from fungal disease.
$16.95 - $56.50
Bountea M3 uses nitrogen and other organic minerals to strengthen your plants and increase your plants growth.
$16.95 - $56.50
Bountea’s Fungal Activator delivers beneficial fungus to your woody-stemmed plants through compost tea.
$16.95 - $56.50
Bountea’s Bioactivator boosts beneficial bacteria and microorganisms to give your compost tea and extra boost.
$8.95 - $58.50
A combination of soluble seaweed extract and seven micronutrients, BioAg CytoPlus is an excellent source of beneficial organic compounds, including humic and fulvic acids.
$6.50 - $28.50
BioAg Ful-Humix is a water soluble humic powder and soil/nutrient activator. It increases nutrient efficiency and uptake, increases cellular activities at all levels.
$22.95 - $53.50
Xtreme Gardening Mykos WP (Wettable Powder) provides an effective Biological Inoculant that may be injected through a sprayer, applied in hydroponic reservoirs, and used as a seed or cloning treatment.
A fertilizer specially formulated to bring out the best in your Japanese maples and other low pH feeders, like lilies evergreens, hydrangeas, junipers, dogwoods, and flowering ornamentals.
Gringo Rasta Will Power was created with a blend of all the nutrients your plants need, in a potent, fast-acting recipe that delivers those essential nutrients immediately.
One of the most powerful dry fertilizers on the market, Zulu Charlie™ Bloom Shaka Laka Laka™ works to give your plants extra large, fragrant blooms along with robust fruit development.
Wholly Mackerel provides nutrients derived from fish provide tons of the organic nitrogen and phosphorous your growing plants need to meet their yield potential.
FoxFarm's Kelp Me Kelp You is a natural, organic plant supplement is derived from Norwegian kelp to boost your plant's nutrient uptake.
Cutting Edge Solutions Solar Gaia uses humic compounds that act as chelating agents for both macro and micro nutrients.
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Made by Humboldt Nutrients, 100% organic Myco Madness contains a biologically active package, 8 mycorrhizal species, 12 beneficial bacteria and 2 Trichoderma species well-suited to a variety of media, soil conditions, climates and plants.
Roots Organics Uprising Foundation is a blend of natural and organic ingredients. Uprising Foundation is very effective for supplementing calcium, magnesium and iron.
Roots Organics Trinity Catalyst is a complex liquid blend of organic compounds specifically designed for maximum effect as a plant, root, and rhizoshpere catalyst.
Ideal for any bonsai gardener, these 2 inch Straight Blade Bonsai Scissors from Shear Perfection, work for nearly any trimming application.
Easy-to-use and ready-to-brew, each single-use tea bag can make up to 5 gallons of this super tea!