Organic Sorrel Seeds

?Organic Sorrel Seeds

Enjoy organic sorrel in your home garden and have a tangy, green, leafy vegetable available for soups and salads.

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Organic Sorrel is known best for its tangy green leaves. This leaf tolerates the cold well and is becoming very popular as a gourmet spring green after a long hard winter season. You will commonly find sorrel in salads, soups, stews, and used as a braising green. A full sized sorrel plant will have leaves that grow to about 8" long and are bright green with long, skinny petioles. This plant can be harvested at any point during the growing season, but is best to be planted in the late summer to be harvested in the spring. You can choose to grow this plant as a baby leaf or wait until it has full sized leaves.

Planting Instructions:

  • Plant ¼” deep
  • Space plants 8" apart
  • Plant in 12-18" rows
  • Plant after danger of frost has passed

This plant is a perennial and is it recommended to deadhead seed stalks to encourage more leaf growth.

(Rumex acetosa)

Days to maturity: 45 days baby, 120 flower