pH+ Osmosis Stabilizer

pH+ Osmosis Stabilizer

Not only does this product balance unstable pH levels, but it also contains the perfect combination of trace minerals, ensuring that nothing interferes with the nutrients in your reservoir.

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As most gardeners know, water that runs through a reverse osmosis filter tends to create unstable pH levels. While you need the filter to ensure your plants are getting the cleanest water possible, you also need your plants to be fed with water at optimal pH levels. That's where this product comes in: the pH+ Osmosis Stabilizer from House and Garden immediately neutralizes unstable pH levels from RO filtered water, and contains the perfect amounts of trace minerals to ensure your plants are getting all the nutrition they need. The ideal product to get your pH levels back where they need to be, without interfering with nutrients in your reservoir, the pH+ Osmosis Stabilizer is an easy to use solution. 

Product comes in a 1 liter bottle