New Lighting Technology

LED growlights are the most energy efficient indoor gardening lights available! They produce nearly no heat, so venting is not needed!

Plants respond to LED lights like they would to T5 fluorescent fixtures, producing tight inter-nodal growth, and short, stocky, strong plants.

The plants look a little different, and their leaves tend to curl down, but the leaves are thick, and are a healthy shade of green.

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Our Growers Choice 630w CMH Ceramic Metal Halide system (GC-630NS) has a newly redesigned reflector to replicate and harness the forceful penetrating power of the sun.
Ballast / Reflector / double ended lamp combo that includes some of the best components in the industry.
Ballast / Reflector / double-ended lamp combo that includes some of the latest technology in the industry.
Our Growers Choice 315 watt Ceramic Metal Halide system (GC-315W) utilizes advanced low frequency square wave technology and a high efficiency 315 watt ceramic metal halide grow lamp.
Hydrofarm Fluorescent Induction 400 watt “Bloom” light is perfect for both saving money and providing the best possible light for your plant's growth!
Introducing our new Iluminar 1000w DE horticultural lighting system! The Iluminar 1000w DE takes the best of all existing DE (Double Ended bulb) lighting technology and incorporates it into a very high quality, and yet affordable grow light.
The Kessil H150 Purple LED grow light can carry many different kinds of plants through the whole growth cycle. This GENERAL PURPOSE model combines five different types of red and blue LED chips to create a diverse purple light spectrum that supports every stage of plant growth.
The Kessil H350 Magenta LED grow light has a much higher ratio of red spectrum than blue making it a logical choice to use during the flowering phase of your garden.
The MEGA LED Growlight from NextLight is a high intensity, full spectrum light guaranteed to replace any DE 1000w HPS on the market with a better energy efficiency rating and a larger footprint.
The Nextlight Mini LED Growlight is a small bulb that runs on just 150w, the Mini is a powerful LED Growlight that sports the full, highly-acclaimed NextLight full spectrum.
The NextLight VEG8 Growlight is an energy efficient replacement light that performs just as good if not better than your existing fluoresent 8 tube T5.
The Sun System LEC 630 120 volt comes with 3100 K lamps and gives you 1200 watts worth of HID lighting while only using 630 watts!
Sunlight Supply LEC 315 Light Emitting Ceramic is a next generation lighting fixture that includes a built-in ballast and CDM-T Elite 315/930/U/E Agro Lamp.
Plants simply love the LEC-315 lights! The LEC-315 "Commercial" fixtures are made to be run on higher than standard household wattage for specialized greenhouse applications.
TotalGrow Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb is a 12 watt LED grow-light that screws into any standard socket. Perfect for any growing setup!