Reflective Film

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$79.95 - $149.95
This amazing reflective film is "diamond pressed" to increase the light diffusion in your grow room to the max!
$9.69 - $13.99
Maximize your growlight's efficiency with this mirror-like reflective film.
$67.95 - $244.95
ORCA Grow Film provides a 99% full-spectrum diffuse reflectance with no color shift or iridescence so the light reflected from its surface maintains the original color spectrum/wavelength produced from your grow lamps!
$24.65 - $43.69
Panda Film is tough stuff! It's 5.5 mils thick and measures 10 foot wide. Comes in rolls of 10, 25, 50 and 100 foot.
$67.95 - $179.95
Use Sun Blocker Foil Bubble Film to help conserve energy!
Sunleaves Red Mylar adds visual warmth to the reflected light in your indoor garden area, mimicking the red-orange light spectrum generated by a high pressure sodium lamp.