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The Sunlight Supply AC/DE 8" Double Ended Reflector is created to accommodate double ended bulbs and can give you a 90% increase in PAR!
The Adjust-A-Wing Large reflector design combines cutting edge science with simplicity to generate unparalleled performance and versatility.
The Adjust-A-Wing design combines cutting edge science with simplicity to create a reflector of amazing performance and versatility. When assembled, flexed and tensioned, the wings give you a rigid, lightweight, double parabolic HID reflector.
Unique double ended constructions allows doe maximum optical efficiency and uniformity.
The Sun Sytem Blockbuster 6-inch Air-Cooled reflector has a square shape that perfectly covers a 4 x 4 foot growing area.
The interior of the Sun Sytem Blockbuster 8-inch Air-Cooled reflector has 95% reflective European aluminum that provides optimum reflectivity and diffusion for uniform light throughout your garden.
Save 22%
The Sunleaves Cobra 6 air-cooled reflector can give some serious teeth to the grow light capacities of your indoor garden.
Save 14%
The interior of the Sunleaves Cobra 8 is lined with a European aluminum insert that provides 95% reflectivity to make the most of the light produced by your lamp.
Save 16%
This 8" Cool Tube Reflector by Hydro Farm is the perfect size for any grow room. You can hang it horizontally or vertically and it can be used with a variety of lamps.
The EconoWing is a manufactured with 95% reflective textured aluminum to provide maximum light diffusion. It has heavy duty galvanized steel mounting bracket and chrome V hooks for hanging.
The Hydrofarm 45-inch Vertical Reflector and Housing Unit is a great solution for growers on a budget.
If you have limited room, the Hydrofarm Daystar AC reflector is for you. It comes with a built-in socket and 15-foot lamp cord for quick installation!
Hydrofarm Daystar is a compact, lightweight HID reflector with the high performance of a commercial greenhouse light.
The Hydrofarm Pro reflector is a high performance hood designed to deliver the brightest light on a low budget.
The Hydrofarm Radiant 6 Air Cool Reflector is a super sized reflector making it ideal for maximum growing potential and temperature control!
The Radiant 8 AC is a super sized air-cooled reflector from Hydrofarm. Its bigger, cooler and brighter than other reflectors and gives maximum growing performance and temperature control.
One of the larger, square HID reflectors, the Hydrofarm Radiant reflector is has sturdy reinforced angled double-wall construction for superior heat dissipation - one of the coolest running in the industry.
Hydrotek Cool Star Plus is a glass tube reflector that has 6-inch exhaust openings for simple venting. The air-cooled cylinder is made from tough Symex that is heat resistant and 100% air tight.
Hydrotek King Wing Adjustable DE Reflector is a brand new double-ended reflector that is fully adjustable to help get rid of hot spots and shady edges in your garden!
$224.95 - $249.95
The Hydrotek Silverstar Reflectors are engineered with with stainless steal for durability and lightness. This is the perfect light for your grow room with out any of the bulk!
Save 16%
Keep heat off your plants with The King Cobra 6! The largest reflector that Sunleaves makes!
Save 16%
The King Cobra 8 is prewired so its simply Plug N' Play! This is the largest reflector in the Sunleaves Predator Series!
The Sun System Magnum XXXL 6 inch Air-Cooled Reflector is the one of the largest HID hoods available!
The Sun System Magnum XXXL 8 inch Air-Cooled Reflector is the largest available!
The Hydrofarm Raptor 8-inch Air-Cooled Reflector is one of the big guys and covers a large growing area. It has a broad light spread so you can place it close to your plants for maximum light delivery in low-clearance areas.
The Sun System Silver Sun HID reflector is a good fit for a square shaped garden.
Save 15%
The Sun System Digital 250/400 allows you to easily switch between watts with the simple flip of a switch! This is perfect for changing weather.
Save 16%
The Sun Systems Dominator XXXL 6" reflector has a massive size and is air cooled to help bring the proper light to your plants!
Save 16%
Bring light to your indoor garden with the Sun System Dominator XXXL 8! Featuring a durable body and textured aluminium to reflect and diffuse the light.
The Sun Tube reflector works well as a regular horizontal light or it can supplement your existing garden light by being hung vertically at the edge of or into the canopy of your plants. The interior reflector can easily be removed for 360° light dispersion!
Save 15%
The Sunleaves Sunspot 10 air-cooled reflector features a hinged lens enclosure that provides a completely airtight seal, plus the socket mounting bracket is designed to maximize airflow through the 10-inch flanges.
Save 15%
Provides great light broadcast and penetration for your indoor garden, at an affordable price.
Save 12%
The Sunleaves Sunspot 8 air-cooled reflector features a heavy-duty housing, enamel-coated exterior finish and specular German Alanod interior for maximum light exposure.
Save 20%
The Vertizontal reflector gives flexibility you won't find elsewhere! This amazing lightweight reflector can be hung vertically OR horizontally to accomodate your gardening needs.
Save 44%
From the Predator Lighting series, the Sunleaves Plug N' Play Viper 6 air cooled reflector gives you quality equipment at an affordable price.
The Hydrofarm Xtrasun Parabolic reflector provides a wide even light distribution pattern that is well suited for a square or circular shaped growing area.
The Hydrofarm Xtrasun parabolic 49-inch reflector delivers all the light down to your plants with wide, even light distribution.
The Hydrofarm Xtrasun 8 Air-Cooled Reflector is a cost effective HID reflector that is solidly built and has built-in 8-inch flanges.
The Hydrofarm Xtrasun II Aluminum Wing Reflector is pre-wired with a cordset so it's ready to plug in and go to work.
The Sun System Yield Master 6" Air-Cooled Reflector offers highly reflective textured aluminum interior for excellent output and uniformity.
Yield Master 8 Inch Air-Cooled Reflector is the perfect solution for lighting your indoor garden. It provides ideal output with its aluminum interior and features air cooling flanges.