Plant Propagation

Plant cloning allows you to multiply your favorite plants by reproducing clones of the mother plant.

Cloning is accomplished by using branch cuttings of ornamental plants such as flowers and houseplants, or agricultural plants such as blueberries and tomatoes.

Plant propagation products are also suitable for sprouting seeds into young plants. Choose a cloning supply category:

Recently Added Plant Propagation Products

$9.50 - $38.95
Use Clonex Mist in conjunction with Clonex Rooting Compound to enhance vigorous healthy cuttings with robust root development and elongation of root hairs.
$36.50 - $199.95
VeloKelp’s amazing formula is packed with vitamins and multiple seaweed extracts, specifically created to support a thriving garden.
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The Hydrofarm LED Growth Chamber is the prefect solution to help you move your gardening indoors! With its easy setup, 32 grow sites and full spectrum LED light, you're plants will be growing in no time!
Organic Sea Shells Blend Cosmos Seeds produce a wide range of colored flowers with pedals that look similar to sea shells.
Organic Crackerjack Marigold Seeds produce large pom-pom like flower ranging in a variety of yellow and orange colors. You also get the characteristic marigold fragrance that is a know pest deterrent.
Organic Galilee Blend Larkspur Seeds produce decorative flowers in a rainbow of colors. Typically these are used as a cut flower, dried or in the back of boarders.
Organic Lancer Parsnip Seeds produce roots that are uniformly long and creamy white. Expect a sweet, nutty flavor.
Organic Miyashige Daikon Radish Seeds will become very large yet crisp and tender. Perfect for pickling, fermenting, or storage.
Organic Candlelight Ornamental Pepper Seeds produce edible ornamental peppers that range from yellow to orange to fire red nested in thick green foliage.
Organic Bangles Blend Pepper Seeds produce red, gold, and chocolate colored baby bell peppers.
Organic Lacinato (Dinosaur) Kale Seeds produce a variety of kale that has a tender texture and extremely dark blue-green leafs.
Organic Boothby Blonde Cucumber Seeds produce a very unique creamy yellow cucumber with a sweet delicate flavor.
Organic Green Finger Cucumber Seeds produce delicious, durable cucumbers that have amazing quality and yields.
Organic Tango Celery Seeds are an improved celery varietal that grow quicker and easier. Enjoy the big celery crunch and lush green tops.
Organic Atomic Red Carrot Seeds produce carrots with an eye-popping red color. A great way to improve the look of all your vegetable dishes.
Organic Dragon Langerie Romano Bush Bean Seeds create beautiful purple and white pods full of flavor. Can also be used as a shelling bean or dry bean.
Organic Blue Coco Pole Bean Seeds produce high-yielding dark purple, sweet and tender snap beans. They can tolerate heat, cold, and drought well.
Organic Midori Giant Soybean Seeds are great for growing beans for traditional edamame due to the production of their rich, flavorful beans.
Organic Goodman Cauliflower Seeds are non-GMO and quickly produce well rounded and well protected cauliflower heads with a deep ivory color.
Organic Veronica F1 Romanesco Cauliflower seeds create a vegetable that is a gourmet favorite and features a mild, nutty taste. Perfect for raw vegetable dishes.
Use Super Sprouter Multi-Colored Neoprene Inserts to prevent you new plants from moving around. This will prevent damage and allow them to grow safely.
Sun Blaster T5 HO fluorescent fixture and NanoTech Reflector is a winning pair! This combo kit will help increase lumens by up to 300%!
General Hydroponics RainForest is a aeroponics system designed to perfect accommodate cuttings or even seeds and root transplants. It is the perfect place to give your plants the head start they need.
Organic Purple Tomatillos bring vibrant purple color to your garden and dishes.