Serious Growers Package 3

Serious Growers Package 3

The All-In-One Serious Growers package # 3 includes your grow tent, plus all the equipment needed for your entire indoor gardening project.

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The All-In-One Serious Growers package # 3 includes your grow tent, plus all the equipment needed for your entire indoor gardening project.

Dark Room DR90 II grow tent

Dark Room DR90 II grow tent

An ideal grow tent for growing flowers or small vegetables to maturity. A 3' x 3' plant tray fits nicely. A 400W HID light system is recommended.

The Dark Room II DR90 grow tent gives you easy access to your plants and gardening equipment with a full-sized zippered front door.

It has adjustable Dual-Sock Ports that allow you to attach fans, filters or ducting to both sides of the Dark Room II DR90 tent wall without clamps or reducers. Mini Dual-Sock Ports are also built in for your power cords and hydro tubing.

DarkRoom materials are non-toxic so there are no harmful gasses to damage sensitive plants. The solid aluminum frame is stable and can support up to 65 lbs. of growing equipment from the roof cross members. The movable upper cross members make for easy lighting / accessory positioning. It features a durable, washable 95% reflective lining that is waterproof and provides 97% insulating protection.

The Dark Room II DR90 is easy to assemble and dismantle and comes with complete, full color, illustrated instructions and a convenient carrying bag that's big enough for everything to fit in without a hassle.

Dimensions: 36" wide x 36" deep x 72" tall Weight - 22 lbs.

Botanicare Econojet 2' x 2' Ebb and Flow System

MegaGarden hydroponics system

Botanicare's Econojet is made with durable ABS plastic with built-in UV inhibitors to minimize fading and yellowing.

The 24" x 24" x 7" plant tray accommodates all types of soilless grow media. It's raised platform, with drainage channels, keeps the growing medium out of the nutrient solution once the tray has drained to prevent root rot.

The 20-gallon reservoir has a removable gripped lid making it easy for you to check and/or add nutrient solution.

Overall Dimensions: 30.5" long x 23.25" wide x 18" high

Daystar AC reflector:

The Daystar AC growlight has built-in 6-inch flanges to easily vent the heat using the included CAN in-line fan. We've combined it with Hydrofarm's 600w Lumatek ballast and Hortilux HPS growlight bulb to best suit the Dark Room II.

The Daystar AC reflector is efficient to use, yet its compact design offers a low profile that's great for use with the Dark Room II.

Features a specular aluminum interior for maximum light reflection (95%). Double-wall design lets the Daystar AC run 75% cooler than most others in the market. Safety glass lens included. Hydrofarm cordset and socket are built into the unit.

Dimensions: 7-3/8" high x 12-1/2" wide x 22-1/2" long

All-In-One Serious Growers package # 3 includes:

  • Dark Room II DR90 grow tent
  • Hydrofarm 600w Lumatek ballast
  • Daystar AC HID light system
  • Hortilux 600w HPS bulb
  • CAN 2600 carbon filter/fan combo (fertilizer odor control - always on)
  • CAN RS-6" inline fan (exhaust for light - on whenever light is on)
  • 25' of 6" ducting and appropriate clamps
  • 2 - 6" Dual flange kits (intake and exhaust for light)
  • 4" Dual flange kit (exhaust for carbon filter)
  • Botanicare Econojet
  • General Hydroponics Flora Nova grow - Quart
  • General Hydroponics Flora Nova bloom - Quart
  • General Hydroponics Floralicious bloom - Quart
  • pH test kit
  • 1 quart pH Up
  • 1 quart pH Down